Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Transforma Yoga & Fitness Camp: Spiritual Enlightenment Made Possible

Transforma Yoga and Fitness Camp will involve a lot of awkward and uncomfortable (for us - other people look graceful) yoga poses for the weary-minded, but it's in La Hacienda Beach Resort in Ras Sudr so that makes everything better.

Staff Writer

They say the mind is the first to go; they say your mind peaks in your twenties then it's all downhill from there, but we beg to differ - our minds have been going downhill our whole lives. It is, after all, the age of the Biebs and Nicki Minaj’s derriere. That is why we are taking some time off to replenish our brain cells and clean our auras and chakras.

For three days, starting April 7th, we shall strike uncomfortable and awkward (only for us; other people look graceful) yoga poses at Transforma Yoga & Fitness Camp in La Hacienda, Ras Sudr, with the help of yoga cognoscente Jennifer Osman, in the hope of regaining our ability to think straight again and make better life decisions - such as not gushing about our lives to complete strangers.      

The camp offers much more than just spiritual awakening and mental decompression; fitness classes are also available, so you can expect to go home with a significantly more toned bum, because a little materialism never hurt anybody.

So, join us! But if, for whatever reason, you cannot make it to Transforma Yoga & Fitness Camp, you can always rely on psychopharmacology or just quit your 24/7 job and bust a cap in yo boss’ ass!

Find out more about Transforma Yoga & Fitness Camp here or follow them on Instagram @lahaciendarassudr.