Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Tropic Travel: Creating Your Dream Vacation

We get to know one of Egypt's longest standing multi-service travel agencies and team up with them to offer one lucky reader the trip of a lifetime to Zagreb, Croatia. Find out more...

Staff Writer

In the online age, shopping for your next vacation or flight ticket is easy enough but where’s that human touch? While user reviews can give some insight, wouldn’t it be great if the person booking your trip for you has been there themselves, experienced the culture, hot spots, cuisines and more? The humble traditional travel agent is the only place you can get this kind of full rounded service from people in the know, and not just machines, and one such company has been doing it for over a decade, becoming Cairo’s go-to team for just about any type of holiday. Tropic Travel was established in 1998 and operates for both incoming tourists visiting Egypt, and Egyptians traveling abroad. Most recently, they added a chauffeur service with in Egypt, making them a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs, even if you’re just traveling around the city.

“Our clientele get the full package – something internet companies just can’t provide,” says founder and tourism big-shot Mohamed El Masry. “Those who surf the web to book their travels are looking for cheap prices. Instead, we focus on quality experiences.” The businessman goes on to tell us that whenever they add a new destination to their portfolio – which ranges from Carribean beaches to exploring Eastern Europe – the whole operations team takes a trip there to experience the location for themselves. " We organise orientation tours for them to see and know and study what they are selling,” he assures. This helps ease the minds of would-be travelers that can find the process of booking a trip to a new destination daunting, as they can provide first-hand advise and experiences about pretty much every destination out there.

With thousands walking through their doors every year, finding the destination of their dreams thanks to their globally-savvy team, Tropic Travel understand trends and knows the next cool destinations before they’re overrun with tourists and out of fashion. The first official Egyptian agent for the Czech spa sector – which boomed in the 2000s – they’ve been flying people for the health and beauty needs, for example, for years. “These days, the trend is traveling for shopping purposes so London, Paris and New York are popular destinations,” adds El Masry before going on to explain that East Europe is quickly rising on the shopping ranks. “Croatia is more and more popular because it’s a European destination that offers lower prices for shoppers.”


Honeymooners and couples can find their bliss too, as Tropic Travel have years of experience in tailor-making packages for their perfect romantic getaway. “All the Caribbean areas islands are really popular for honeymoons, so is the Far East,” says El Masry. What about himself? “I love the Maldives – it’s the most relaxing place I’ve ever been to,” and coming from a man that’s travelled the world, that’s quite a recommendation.

Your holiday doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg though – Tropic Travel takes pride in being able to customise a vacation to suit every budget. “The most important thing is that the client feels the value of what they’ve paid for and more,” says El Masry. “So if their package costs 10,000LE, our mission is to make their holiday feel like it cost 20,000LE.” They do this by getting you the best deal on flights, hotels and transfers as well as any activities and excursions thanks to their long-standing relationships with businesses across the world. The travel agents are experts in every type of vacation and will give you bespoke treatment that makes booking a holiday a truly personal experience more like a boutique agency, rather than one that’s been around for decades. As well as customising a package to suit your every desire, they also have great ready-made packages year-round, giving you complete ease of mind and great rates on popular destinations.

“It’s all about quality not quantity for us,” says El-Masry, before he tells us a little more about their brilliant Eid Al Adha offers for vacations to Turkey and Lebanon – three nights in Beirut can cost you as little as 3875 LE, including flights, while seven nights in Istanbul comes in between 4400LE to 6400LE, including flights, depending on which hotel you choose. With a Dubai branch of their business opening very soon, they’re ready to take on one of the biggest tourism segments in the world with the same attention to details that’s had Tropic Travel on top of the food chain for years now. 

We’re teaming up with Tropic Travel to give one lucky winner a life-changing free trip to Croatia! Experience the true beauty of Zagreb as Tropic Travel will provide a return flight and accommodation in a four-star hotel in heart of the city (on a bed and breakfast basis) by entering the competition. All you have to do is head to Tropic Travel’s Facebook page and send them a message with your suggestion for a new slogan for the company. The competition will run until October 14th and the best entry wins!

Find out more and enter the competition on Tropic Travel's Facebook page here.