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Try Not to Get 'Smashed' with This New Game by 'Marsy Creates Things'

Like Jenga but on nightmare mode, this new game by 'Marsy Creates Things' adds a new, social element to the delicate unstacking game - by adding dares to the equation!

Egyptian creative ‘Marsy Creates Things’ has amassed a cult-like following due to her popular products on her IG shop, which tend to sell out in seconds. Which is a shame because her new party game, ‘Smashed’, looks intense as all heck.

“I’m literally always that one guy at the party that wants to play a game. Ask my friends and they’ll tell you, it’s become an issue,” Mariam Ebeid, aka the eponymous Marsy, tells #CairoScene. “It’s hard to find fun games for social settings that are locally sourced, so I thought it was time to make one. Hopefully this will be the first of many weird and wacky products to come.”

Reminiscent of games like Jenga ramped up to nightmarish difficulty, Marsy created this project with the help of Jalila El Ansary of Nafez Studio. To play the game, players go around in a circle taking turns to remove a block piece from the tower and placing it on the top layer, with each block having a different dare written on it that the player must act out. The first person to tip the tower loses, and has to take the ultimate penalty.

Made entirely out of clear acrylic, the game looks more akin to a home accessory than a pastime, with an aesthetically-pleasing design that is signature to Marsy’s graphic design work. After releasing the game last week, it had already sold out within the first day. Luckily, Marsy is opening up pre-orders right now for a small second batch, which you can access on Instagram through @themarsyshop.