Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Turn Over a Sweet Leaf

Candy, apparently, grows on trees. At least that's what Sara Hassan, founder of Candilishus Tree, has us believe with her line of gorgeous, edible gifts.

Staff Writer

Money doesn’t grow on trees, kids. But candy, apparently, can and that’s way better anyway. We recently came across Candilishus Tree, a brand that makes candy trees, which incidentally, are going to become our new staple gift for everyone, ever. Birthdays, anniversaries, any occasion really - you guys can expect a candy tree. 

Anyway, aside from a terrifically hard to spell name, the brand is an amazing new addition to our dessert world. Started by pharmacist Sara Hassan, she kept coming across candy trees abroad, realised we didn’t have a specialised version of it here and made it herself, adapting the leaves of candy to Egyptian goodies. 

From Mars bar shrubbery to potted lollipop plants to bridal marshmallow bouquets (can we just roast the entire thing?), they’ve got it all and it’s all equally adorable. There’s even a pineapple made out of Werther’s Originals. You can have the candy as the leaves or there can be actual flowers where they’re supposed to be and the candy fills up the pot. We’re good either way as long as there is chocolate involved. The desserts also range from pieces that look quite sophisticated to toffees turned into a doll dress, so they can work as a kid’s present or a housewarming gift. Left unmonitored there’s a good chance we’d devour the entire bouquet and possibly slip into a sugar coma but we believe it would be totally worth it. Candy trees are the perfect place for shade. 

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @candilishustree141.