Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Turn Your Place into a Palace With Kenda Interiors' Heritage Collections

Royalty, thy name is Kenda.

Staff Writer

While they have only been around for over a year, Kenda Interiors – NADIM’s new retail brand - has quickly established itself as one of Egypt’s top purveyors of furniture, fittings and home accessories. From customized ceilings, doors and dressing rooms, to unique paintings, carpets and chandeliers, Kenda is spectacularly marrying tradition with modernity. But what lies at the heart of Kenda's true uniqueness is its unwavering championing of Egypt’s history, materials and traditional crafts.

With collections inspired by Ancient, Coptic and Islamic Egypt, and a great love for patterns, textures and natural materials; you can fill your home with customized, museum-worthy pieces designed for luxury and refinement.

Originally starting over 40 years ago as a small, training-oriented workshop for the observation of traditional crafts and techniques, NADIM has since flourished into one of the region's most prominent manufacturers, maintaining its core values along the way. Known for mixing heritage and elegance for palacial projects, their new brand, Kenda Interiors brings the same luxury into your homes.

The Hetepheres Bedroom is inspired by the items belonging to the Ancient Queen Hetepheres - the mother of King Khufu - to create a sense of regalia and nostalgia. 


Inspired by the Fatimid Horses Panel, their coffee tables bring a modern touch to the beauty of the craftsmanship itself. 

The Pyramidion Collection - pictured above - is inspired by the upper-most part of the pyramids and obelisks that are usually covered in gold, reflecting the sun's rays. 

Used by Egyptins since ancient times, this collection was inspired by its main material; alabaster, embedding its warm glow in the bedroom.

You can find Kenda Interiors at Concord Plaza, Mall of Egypt, Dandy Mall. Check out more from Kenda on Facebook and Instagram.

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