Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Party Purveyor Sherif El Badrawy and Friends to Take Over the Scene This NYE

For four years, Sherif El Badrawy has brought the most lavish extravaganzas to Egypt's swankiest cribs, and now, he's finally ready to cut the masses in on the deal with his upcoming NYE party, Noir.

Staff Writer

In Egypt, conservatism is often mistaken for non-festiveness. For some reason, there has always been a stigma attached to partying and nightlife in general, and it is this very culture that has given rise to sub-par party organisers. Beneath the surface, however, a revolution has been brewing for some time, nurturing a hush hush party scene behind closed doors that only a select few have access to and often dominated by superior purveyors.

One such party string puller is Sherif El Badrawy. We stumbled upon him at a lavish private soirée of his own meticulous devise! So imagine our delight upon hearing of his long-awaited forays into the Cairo party scene at large with Noir, a New Year’s Eve party that will put the underground scene’s distinct qualities into the city’s stalling nightlife, allowing you to partake in his little-known brand of opulent party organising.

For 4 years, Badrawy, along with an army of dedicated party monsters, have brought lavish extravaganzas to some of Egypt’s swankiest cribs. Now, with a newly-formed dream team of nightlife purveyors behind him, he is ready to cut you in on the deal with THE New Year’s Eve party.

The concept, as Badrawy puts it is quite simple: “Noir as colour and French as a language have always had this allure and elegance about them,” he says. “But Noir also fits everyone, so no matter what you’re like as a person, you’ll enjoy yourself.”  

It sounds too good to be true, but we have three reasons to believe: Aguizi & Fahim, Horrible DJs, and DJ Mobbz – well, that’s technically five, but who’s counting!? All we know is that this New Year's Eve, we'll be shaking our booties to every music genre known to man at Gouna's DuPort Club! Also, word on the street is the shindig will be followed by an even tighter after-party at Crooners, and presiding over the decks will be none other than the Gawdat brothers! 

The party scene in Egypt has been dominated by an omnipotent minority, a select few who know where all the bodies are buried and who hold uncontested power over our nightlife. Badrawy may just be the wonder kid who gives them a run for their money, all we know is, we want to get on that guest list before it's too late!  

For info and reservations, call 01228191000 for Cairo and 01278943336 for Gouna. 

*The contents of this article are sponsored.