Monday 5 of December, 2022
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9 Unexpected Ways We've Enjoyed Fasting this Ramadan

There are many religious reasons why someone should fast, but what about non-religious motives? Here are some perks...

Staff Writer

No More Dinners Alone

Netflix is not a good dinner date. When fasting during Ramadan, everyone is willingly or unwillingly is in the kitchen or at the table meaning you will finally eat with your family and friends.



Proving to yourself that you can survive without food or water makes you feel like you can survive anything.

The Hour of Antakha

That hour after you break your fast is the most glorious feeling in the world. You're full, satisfied and happy - and you don't have a thing to do... 


From that extra couple of pounds you tip to the sight of volunteers handing out water and dates at sunset, generosity flourishes during Ramadan. 

Find Out Who Your Real Friends Are 

Friends are not just the ones who you party with, but the ones who tolerate your complaining about how hard fasting is…



When you're all in the same boat, you know how damn annoying it is when someone's casually eating, drinking or smoking in front of you. 

Good Excuse

Is someone asking you to do something? Just the notion of you being exhausted because of fasting is enough of an excuse. If you lay down they won’t even dare wake you up - great for getting out of hanging out with friends and family you don't really like.


Get Your Health Back

Even if you don't quit completely quit smoking, fasting for over 16 hours will definitely cut back on your cigarette intake. 


Most alcohol stores shut down in Ramadan, as do most bars so you have a chance to quit drinking too.