Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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9 Unique Places to Have a Whimsical Wedding in Egypt

Wedding season is looming close, glee and excitement are in the air and it's time to start the preparations.

Staff Writer

Wedding season is soon to be upon us, and the air is buzzing with excitement and bridezillas. We can't blame the brides to be though, as one of the decisions, other than the entertainment, is picking the perfect venue. It’s no secret that every girl has a certain vision of what her special day will look like, having dreamt up everything from the food, to the setting, to the entertainment to that first dance and that first night altogether.

So to all those who want to get a head-start on the wedding planning, here are a few unique venues (whether you want a big or a small wedding) to cater to all your bridal fantasies and whims (well, almost all of them).


Villa Belle Epoque 
Villa Belle Epoque  

There’s something unbelievably charming about Villa Belle Epoque, with its colonial style decor and its quaint reception. We love that a wedding at Villa Belle Epoque has a sort of Snow White-meets-Cinderella meets-Goldilocks vibe. The outdoor area takes about 80 people, or it can hold up to 120 people if you opt to cover the pool.  

Perks: You're surrounded by greenery and the setting is great if you're looking for a more intimate wedding ceremony. 

Price Range: Starting from EGP 340++ to EGP 490++ depending on which menu you choose (Reception, set menu, buffet menu) not including drinks. EGP 8,000 for venue.

Covering the pool: EGP 6,000 for wood and EGP 12,000 for Plexiglass.

Visit their Facebook, Instagram or website for more information. 

Royal Club Mohammed Ali 

Royal Club Mohammed Ali  

An outdoor wedding overlooking the Nile doesn’t sound too bad to us. With a gorgeous backdrop and lush greenery to give us some good vibes, the Royal Club Mohammed Ali also has a lot of history behind it, having once catered to Cairo's rich and elite genteels (double check). So if you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding, this venue is definitely worth checking out. It takes up to 5,000 people, and it’s sort of like an island in the Nile.

Perks: Um...sort of an island on the Nile? How many more perk do you need!

Price range: The cost for the venue depends on the number of guests. For 500 people, it’s EGP 50,000, for 600, it’s EGP 600,000 and so on. EGP 350 per person for the buffet. The bar has a different cost depending on the amount of alcohol.

Visit their Facebook for more information. 


La Maison Bleue
La Maison Bleue in El Gouna

A wedding at La Maison Bleu in Gouna is a wedding straight out of a fairy tale. The weddings are usually held in the outside area. Both the outdoor and indoor areas are breathtaking, with the interior of the hotel being remarkable in it’s regality, and with imposing chandeliers and furniture seemingly out of an 18th century scene from Venice’s royal courts.  So if you've always wanted a Cinderella sort of wedding, look no further.  The venue takes up to 350 guests and more if you're willing to build a stage. Those planning to have their wedding there, are required to book all 11 suites for two nights minimum. 

Perks: It'll be like living in a palace for a few days. Being in Gouna, It’s also a good spot if you’ve got friends and family coming from abroad for the wedding.

Price range: Starting from EGP 1,400 to 1,600 for food. EGP 50,000 for the venue itself. 

Visit their Facebook, Instagram or website for more information.


The Smokery
The Smokery in El Gouna

For starters, The Smokery is one of those spots that has amazing food and has managed to maintain that level of quality over the years. So you know, in case everything goes to hell that day, at least you can eat your emotions away with some upscale dishes. The Smokery has two locations for you to choose from. The beach location doesn’t have set furniture but can have it added depending on what the bride and groom would like. The Smokery Yacht club has set furniture that can be changed according to your wedding planner. The beach venue can take up to 1,000 guests, whereas the Yacht club takes up to 400-450 guests. If you want a little bit of juice to get loose, the alcohol packages will depend on how many bottles the wedding party requires. While both venues only provide local alcohol, the bride and groom are free to bring imported alcohol. 

Perks: There’s no cost for the venue.

Price Range: Starting from EGP 800++ to EGP 950++ for all inclusive buffets (non-alcoholic). Any extras like sushi stations and cheese stations have a separate cost.

Visit their Facebook, Instagram or website for more information


Club 88
Club 88 in El Gouna

A pool surrounded by the sea? We feel fancy just thinking about it. Club 88 is usually a party venue, which means that if the bride and groom can't find suitable wedding entertainment, the venue is more than willing to help out!

Perks: Club 88 gives a good deal on renting out the venue if the number of invitees exceeds 150. Also, you're by the beach, enough said. 

Price range: Starting from EGP 600 to EGP 1,500 per person for food. 

Visit their Facebook and Instagram for more information.



Sofitel Winter Palace
Sofitel Winter Palace in Luxor 

As far as palaces go, this one is pretty solid. However, to have a proper wedding, the bride and groom need to have a minimum of 70 rooms booked. The wedding will be a garden wedding, and if you're having people coming in from abroad, this would also be a cool destination for them to do their own sightseeing and partying once you're off on your honeymoon. 

Perks: No cost for the venue.

Price range: Starting from EGP 350–EGP 1,200 depending on the menu chosen. 

Visit their Facebook for more information.


Castle Zaman
Castle Zaman in Sinai

Who hasn’t heard of the hippy haven, Castle Zaman? Good news for Cairenes and hippies alike; they host weddings, and what better way to get married than being surrounded by natural beauty? Safely nestled atop a desert hill, Castle Zaman overlooks the sea. Sticking to strict construction rules, the castle was built with Ancient techniques that were used specifically for the project. No metal or concrete was used to build, but rather stones picked from the mountains nearby in order to give guests a completely authentic experience. 

Perks: The panoramic views and the one-of-a-kind food. It’s the only place that uses a different method (slow cooking) for cooking and cutlery is apparently optional (using forks and knives is overrated anyway).

Price range: EGP 600 per person for food. Around EGP 51,708 (EU 2,500) for venue (6 hours including 100 guests). Extra guests will cost EGP 500 (EU 25) per person. EGP 20,683 (EU 1,000) deposit to use Castle Zaman's sound system.  No cost if you're bringing your own. Minimum 1 month prior to event to confirm booking.

Visit their Facebook for more information.

Coral Coast Hotel
Coral Coast Hotel in Sinai


Located in Dahab, Coral Coast Hotel can host both coastal and desert weddings, and let's face it; a desert wedding sounds kinda cool. While it might be a bit of a hassle for some of the guests, think about how it would inconvenience annoying Tante Manal or uncle Ali who are always criticising you. They might not even show up (bonus points!). 

Perks: You have the option of choosing between two gorgeously unique locations, and they're wiling to plan both small and big weddings, with both having full or partial services.

Price range: Starting at EGP 15,000 for 20 people, including venue rental and dinner

Visit their FacebookInstagram or website for more information. 


Oberoi in Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh has many more gorgeous seas. The only disadvantage of the Oberoi (and that depends on who the bride is) is that the whole hotel needs to be rented out. So basically, you'll be paying for all the suites, for a minimum of three nights. The rates for the rooms will depend on the season. So while for the rest of us mere mortals, this might be completely out of our price range, it's an awesome spot for those who can afford it.

Perks: You've got a whole hotel booked to yourself. 

Price range:  EGP 1800++ for food. 

Visit their FacebookInstagram or website for more information. 

Prices are subject to change depending on the season. 

Main image taken from www.kaldasianarts.com