Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Unleash Your Inner Hippie Child

Nesreen Helmy's BohoPink brand flaunts everything from beaded bracelets in gorgeous hues to super-cute and inexpensive oriental-style clutches; enough to make our inner bohemian's heart flutter with excitement.

Staff Writer

We spend many an hour just religiously scrolling through our Instagram feed, browsing through fashion accounts, obsessing over things created and sold in a small town in Norway that we'll never have. Sometimes though, we fall across something we're head over heels for that's set right here in our hometown. Such was the case with our latest Instafind, BohoPink, a bohemian wonderland of accessories that would make the most die-hard hippie jealous, and cute, colorful clutches in a myriad of eclectic patterns.

The brand, created a few months ago by Nesreen Helmy, boasts pretty much all things boho. From pretty necklaces adorned with peace signs, to beaded bracelets that would be right at home in a music festival, your inner hippie will be doing a happy dance. Though Helmy started out just featuring clutches in colorful boho-esque patterns, she soon expanded into more Oriental prints. "I guess now it's sort of boho-Egyptian," Helmy says of the brand's vibe. With summer firmly here, and Ramadan right around the corner, the saturated hues fit perfectly into the color craze that sweeps the entire nation during this season.

What we also found particularly interesting about this brand is that it's incredibly affordable. Whereas many brands in Egypt that choose to go with an Oriental-style theme essentially rip off materials you can find in Wakalt el Bala7 and then wildly overcharge for them, most of BohoPink's cute clutches run for about 60 LE. Helmy started the line, and maintained a reasonable price point, "Because I really want to see Egyptians wearing more locally-made pieces. I respect foreign brands but I'd like Egyptian brands to get noticed a bit more."

The pieces are sourced by Helmy herself and executes via a mix of designing the piece, choosing the elements and having them created by artisans or making them herself.  Though the concept and the pieces are not something you've never seen before, they are seriously cute, awash with colour and perfect as those accessories that you want to pick out a whole bunch of because they're summery, stylish, and not too expensive.

If decorating your wrists with beads and carrying around clutches in a kaleidoscope of colours doesn’t satisfy your hippie cravings, the brand also sells beautiful hand-made dream catchers, made by the creative kids at Earth Gallery. Anyway, we suggest you check out BohoPink's Instagram account if you're one of those people who's in touch with their inner flower child!

You can head to their Facebook page here, or follow them on Instagram @BohoPink.