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Vantique Jewellery

Mixing vintage styles with modern execution, Yasmine Eissa's unique line of accessories can elevate an outfit in seconds. We speak to the self-taught designer to find out more...

If you ever get the overwhelming urge to veer into (pretend) princess territory - which happens with us more often than strictly necessary if we're being perfectly honest - we suggest you take a look at Vantique jewellery, a line whose aesthetic is Arabian princess meets French courtesan meets Nubian queen. They've got everything from pearl headpieces that would make Princess Jasmine jealous, to seriously bejewelled earcuffs, Blair-Waldorf-esque headbands to necklaces so crystal-laden and statement they could even keep a guy's eyes off your cleavage.

Vantique was started in 2011 by Yasmine Eissa, the self-taught artist behind the brand. "I was always creative and I always wanted to make accessories but at the beginning I wasn't really motivated because there's a million and one people who make accessories so I needed to figure out exactly what style I wanted to focus on," Eissa says of the brand's inception.

Eventually, she decided vintage inspired pieces were her forte. The pieces give off a sense of crown jewels meets costume jewellery, and though with some of them you feel like they belong on the set of a period drama, they were then shot into the future and revamped; made a little more modern, glam, and boho. But that's just our take on it. "I wanted to make rich-looking accessories, statement accessories," Eissa explains. The brand's name is actually an amalgam of the words 'vintage' and 'antique' but despite the throwback feel, Eissa ensures it's always got a thread of modernity. "I'll always follow international fashion trends in order to create a piece that fits our times," she explains.

Using a variety of materials, including Swarovski crystals, each and every piece is entirely handmade. After business started taking off, Eissa took a few courses to hone her craft. "I wanted to be able to make really elaborate stuff," she explains. And the pieces are certainly that – if you're looking to make a crystal-encrusted splash, Vantique is definitely the way to go.

You can check them out on Facebook here or follow them on Instagram @vantiquejewellery.