Monday 5 of December, 2022
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VeryNile Turns Trash into Trends with Craftswomen of Qursaya Island

As part of their effort to keep the Nile clean, VeryNile has been enabling the craftswomen of Qursaya Island to turn discarded plastic bottles into upcycling trendy products through their new shop.

Menna Shanab

As part of their latest efforts to keep the Nile clean, green initiative VeryNile has launched the ‘VeryNile Shop’, where you can buy products made out of upcycled plastic that had been taken straight out of the river. But the story isn’t as straightforward as reusing discarded plastic - the shop is also helping create an eco-friendly community and a viable source of income for the men and women of Qursaya Island.

VeryNile has enabled the fisherman of Qursaya Island to collect plastic bottles from the Nile. The initiative buys the bottles from them for higher than market standards, giving the fishermen an additional source of income through sustainable means. These bottles are then compacted and recycled at a solid waste management base on the island, before given to craftswomen to shape them into colourful bags, hats, pencil cases, baskets - creating a line of trendy products which are then sold through on Instagram.

Although the Nile is a symbol of Egyptian heritage, it is one of the 10 rivers in the world that contribute 90% of garbage in the world’s oceans according to the World Economic Forum. Since its establishment in 2018, VeryNile has been working avidly to change that through a series of campaigns and initiatives, including the recent launch of a specialised electric boat, ‘VeryNile I’, to collect trash from the river at a rate of 500 kg every week.

VeryNile had set up their shop at El Gouna Film Festival, and you will now be able to find them at the Drosos Cabana at the Festival Plaza or nag their unique collaboration with Norshek at their store. You can order their ready-made products or customise one for yourself by DMing