Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Vibing With the New Lenovo Smartphone

We get up and close and personal with the new Vibe Z2 handset - the first Lenovo smartphone to hit Egypt.

Staff Writer

Lounging on the beautiful Le Deck platform at the Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah with panoramic views of the Nile surrounding us and sipping on mocktails, we were ready to check out the launch of the first ever Lenovo smartphone in Egypt.

The Chinese tech giants have been bulldozing their way slowly but surely through the monopolised markets of laptops and tablets and now they're aiming to hit hard with the new Lenovo Vibe Z2 smartphone, set to hit shelves in Egypt at the end of August.
At first skeptical, as most Apple and Samsung users tend to be when grasping any other kind of smartphone in their hand, the first noticable point of reference is its incredibly slick design - at just 7.7mm thin with a unique metallic brushed-weave design, it's thinner then any other smartphone on the market but packs just as big a punch when it comes to multi-media functionality. The Vibe Z2 which runs on Android (KitKat) exhibits a large 6-inch screen with 2K resolution and an advanced 16MP rear camera with image stabilisation, as well as a 16:9 BSI sensor that captures widescreen photos at full resolution which made the Nile look so clear you could drink it (please refrain from doing so, it's gross). It also features 4K videos rivaling most high-end compact cameras, perfect for those of us who uses our phones as an extension for constant artistic expression.
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