Sunday October 1st, 2023
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Video: Your Beard is Full of Shit

Examination shows that beards have more bacteria than the average toilet...

Staff Writer

It’s safe to assume that a majority of our beautiful Arab lands loves our genetically superior beards. Actually, it’s part of our culture. However, we’ve stumbled upon some news that may slightly disturb you.

According to recent studies your beautiful, majestic, manly facial hair is actually one of the most unhygienic things on your face. Supposedly your beard has more bacteria than found on an average toilet and that includes some “enterics” particles which is bacteria found in the intestines and feces. Yes, you read that right there is supposedly little particles of shit in your beard…that’s quite disturbing.

Don’t reach for the razor just yet though, guys. Based on the research in the video below, particles of enterics are found on just about everything...