Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Wasted on Waler

Fake clothes we can deal with. Fake boobs? Even better. But fake booze? Adam Mowafi draws the line.

Staff Writer

We are a fake society. But not the cool kind. It’s not like Dubai or Cali where its fake boobs, fake culture, fake lives but at least all of it is aspirational. Here in Egypt it’s just fake products. I can’t start my morning without having my Katakito, Boreo or Haripo as I put on my Nick trainers and head to the boffice.

These fake items are fine. I am not really hurting anyone but the original brands and they have plenty of money anyway. Fuck you Head and Shoulders, I prefer the Egyptian version Head and Neck anyway.

However is there a line? I think the line can be drawn when a knock off item can actually kill you. We have often mused on these pages that ID Vodka makes you go blind. But after a meeting with a company that shall not be named, we learned the rumour stemmed not from ID but in fact a bootlegger named Nasrallah.


Ten years ago this Nasrallah guy had a vision, nay a calling. He wanted to supply Egypt with alcohol at prices anyone could afford. Touting himself as a man of the people  he wanted to bring  whiskey to the masses. In a few short years he has turned into the Egypt’s biggest moonshine producing corporation and his brands include John Waler and Red Table.

With prices starting at only 18LE a bottle, he truly is noble amongst swines. With the Egyptian economy in tatters, how long will it be until we are all drinking Red Table at Tomarai?

Just like fresh orange juice, Nasrallah's "Chivas" comes with yummy bits in it.
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