Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Watch: Welcome to the World of Cairo's 'Metal Zabaleen'

We go into the depths of an area of Cairo's Wekalet El Bala7 Market that few tread.

Staff Writer

Deep inside its alleys, beyond the racks of vintage clothes and rolls of fabric, Cairo’s mammoth market, Wekalet El Bala7, is home to a forest of metal that seems to have grown as organically as any tree or plant would.

A rabbit-hole of spare car parts and other discarded metals, this is one area of the market that few tread, but one that has, for decades, been an endlessly useful source for car owners and enthusiasts, while also emerging in recent times as a gold mine for recyclers, upcyclers and even artists looking to resurrect the old, to usher in the new.

Welcome to the world of Cairo’s ‘Metal Zabaleen’.