Friday 2 of December, 2022
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We Asked 7 Makeup Artists For Their Best Tips to Keep You Looking On Fleek All Summer

Seven makeup tips to stop you from looking like an oily sweaty mess at the end of a day out.

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Oh yes, summer is finally here. The sun, beachsides, poolsides, coastal chalets, bikinis, icy drinks, and when it gets a little bit too hot, we’ve got the AC to save us. But for girls, there is SO much more that goes into a regular summer day; we’re still obliged to look a little put together (an unfortunate reality). Some of us just roll out of bed and look great (sing: I woke up like this!), and the rest of us are at the mirror slapping on a tonne of foundation, concealer, mascara, and all of it because come picture time on the beach, you have to look on fleek. 

We’ll admit, we don’t always know what we’re doing, but we’ve watched enough makeup tutorials to have an idea on what to put where. But in summer, it feels like you’re cursed with the Melting Makeup Face Syndrome and nothing you do can save it. So to bring a light to the end of the tunnel, we reached out to seven makeup artists based in Egypt who gave us their best tips and tricks to keeping you looking fresh and put together throughout the scorching summer of om el donya.

“Pore minimisers are good for the summer. They’re pasty and you apply them in your t-zone. They minimise the appearance of your pores and prevent too much sebum (oils) coming out. If you don’t want to splurge on products, some ice wrapped up in tissue and moved all over your face will close your pores, giving you the same effect,” Rashad told us. 

Rashad also recommends that you use heavy duty moisturiser especially if you’re in and out of the AC continuously.

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“Waterproof mascara is a must in this heat. I recommend Mac Zoom Lash. For eyebrows skip cream products and just go for a brow set. My favourite is Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set from MAC in quiet brunette. I'm such a loyal MAC girl!” Arafa says.

Arafa encourages us to celebrate the sun by exposing more of our natural skin, and not to cover it up in so many products.

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“Don’t wear foundation because it’s made from oils and these things will burn your skin in the heat!” Ismail warns, “don’t wear anything to the beach, especially if it’s waterproof. Anything waterproof dries the skin and you’ll have shittier skin afterwards. Focus on making your skin better as opposed to covering it. Use sunblock!”

Ismail also reminds us that most makeup will melt anyway because anything with oils when exposed to heat will naturally melt, so less is more in this case.

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“No liquids. If you have to wear foundation, you can choose a form other than a liquid. You can switch it to a powder form. Pick a pressed foundation in a compact. You can also choose a mineral foundation in loose form. They are very pigmented and they are much lighter on the skin,” Agnes suggests.

Using tissues as blotting paper to remove shine, using setting spray to lock in your makeup, and taking care of your skin for a flawless canvas are also top recommendations by Agnes.

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“All you have to do when you’re out is take one half of the tissue and use it gently to absorb the excess oils on the face. Make sure you use a setting spray, waterproof mascara, and waterproof eyeliner to prevent a mess,” Fowzy tells us.

She says we need to try and use minimal makeup because we can only do so much to keep everything in place, it will begin to melt off at some point. It's all about prolonging it.

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“I love a facial water spray. I spray some before and after makeup. The mist itself hydrates, tones, and refreshes the skin throughout the day. Some of them have a neutral pH balance which not only helps with oils, but also the spray revives colour, helps remover sweat, ocean salt, and pool chlorine from the skin,” Ayman recommends.

For people with oily skin in the summer, Ayman suggests we use light moisturisers to stay hydrated. This will help our face produce less oils and prevent our pores from clogging up causing breakouts.

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“Stay away from covering your face in heavy makeup. If you have problem areas, use an oil free concealer with SPF to spot conceal anything you want to hide. Set your brows with a waterproof tinted brow gel, and wear your favourite bold lipstick to complete the look. You can even throw in a light coat of mascara for some definition,” Shehata says.

According to Shehata, accentuating the boldest parts of the face and covering the imperfections gives the illusion of looking perfectly put together while doing the bare minimum. It also gives you time to look after your skin, and you don’t have to worry about sunglasses ruining your makeup!

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Main image: Galore Magazine