Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Weekly Blooms Delivered to Your Door with Botanika

Botanika is an online flower shop that can send you flowers every week, with charmingly conceptual designs.

Farah Ibrahim

We’ve heard of beauty subscriptions, we’ve heard of coffee subscriptions, heck we’ve even seen printer ink subscriptions — why do you need ALL of them ALL the time? - but it seems Cairo florist Botanika is ahead of the curve, launching Egypt’s first-ever flower subscription service.

Botanika was the long-time dream of Nermin Abdel Razek, a former wedding planner who studied at the McQueens Flower School in London. “People get depressed these days due to the pandemic because we’re stuck at home in the same spaces, and flowers can be very therapeutic,” Abdel Razek tells #CairoScene. “They bring positivity to the space. When people come into my office, which is filled with plants and flowers, the first thing they always say is that they feel relaxed. This is what I want to bring to the homes in Cairo.”

The floral concept store has no bricks-and-mortar location yet. It’s a completely virtual operation, offering not just subscriptions but your regular one-time sales too. Her shop is more than a run-of-the-mill florist, though, it’s its own concept of floral design. Their upcoming Ramadan collection, for example, will curate the flowers with an oriental colour palette and vases with Arabic calligraphy.

Botanika’s subscription packages range from classic, deluxe, and premium, with varying prices depending on the types of flowers and the stem count. For added DIY fun, you can make the arrangement yourself after getting your fresh stems delivered. To get a little more floral fun in your life, visit