Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Welcome to Chemical 101

The Four Seasons' Graffiti is giving a new meaning to the word chemistry - think test tube shots and personal drink prescriptions...

Staff Writer

The idea of test tubes and Bunsen burners may send shivers down the back of your spine if, like us, you have a chronic fear of chemistry – or anything science related for that matter. However ‘Chemical 101’ is no ordinary night, and thankfully has very little to do with science as you knew it back in high school. Think welcome drinks served through injection shots, test tubes filled with multi-coloured drinks, beakers pouring steaming potions – all this and more await you at The Four Seasons' Graffiti.

On Thursday, September 18, Graffiti is being transformed into a laboratory. The waiters will not be taking your order conventionally; they will be dressed in long white lab coats appropriately accessorised with a stethoscope and a prescription pad to prescribe you that long-awaited drink that will cure all the accumulated stress and tension of your week. However if this does not cure ail your aches and pains, Graffiti is going the extra mile and ‘the doctor’ will be providing personal visits equipped with his prescription pad (aka a recommendation of drinks) and the ability to make cocktails at all guest tables.

In addition to the alchemic décor, DJ Tabla will be mixing beats that will have you forgetting about all those cramp-inducing drives home, and up on the dance floor all night. Where do we sign up?

You can check out their Facebook page here.