Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Westown Hub Literally Turns into Fairy Tale Wonderland for Spring Festival this April

Westown Hub is hosting a Spring Festival on April 7th to undo months of dreariness.

Staff Writer

March is nearing its end, which means we’ll probably get 3 weeks of Spring before the wrath of Cairo’s summer descends upon us. That is why Westown Hub has decided to take advantage of Egypt’s beautiful, yet severely short-lived, Spring season by throwing a Spring Festival this April.

Filled to the brim with Spring-themed outdoorsy activities, the festival will take place April 7th at Westown Hub in Beverly Hills, SODIC West, Sheikh Zayed, and will be an all-day shebang! Geared mostly towards children and families, the festival will provide parents with that very elusive prize; some relaxation while their children enjoy the activities in store.

Spring is the season of the outdoors, and no outdoor bonanza is complete without a picnic area which you will most certainly find at the festival. Overlooking the stage, the picnic area is where festival-goers can watch the live entertainment scheduled for the event. There will be several food vendors at the event so you don’t have to prepare a picnic basket beforehand, although kudos in advance to those of you who want to do things old school.

So no one is left out and all can revel in the coming of Spring, there are activities in store for everyone in the family. Seeing as the event is family-oriented, there are a lot of activities planned for the little ones, so they can have a good time, and adults can get some much needed downtime knowing their children are in good hands. There will be a Kids Got Talent show, where the talented youngsters can show off their skills.

Among the kids’ activities, arts and crafts is heavily featured. Planned is a Canvas Wall, where kids can try their hand at painting under an artist’s supervision, as well as a spring ornaments tree where they’ll paint little butterflies, Easter bunnies and eggs to hang from its branches.

There will also be several Spring-themed Photobooths, so you can go home with tons of pictures to remember the day by. And to top it all off, there will be a Fairy Castle, where a real life fairy will hang out with your children and even pose for a little fairy portrait with the little ones, after which she'll be handing out enchanted Spring giveaways.

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