Saturday May 18th, 2024
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What Happened To: Captain Majed

We've teamed up with the brilliant Bouklao Illustrations to ponder what happened to our favourite childhood cartoons. First up, Captain Majed and his crack addiction...

Staff Writer

What Happened To: Captain Majed

Anyone who’s seen a Captain Majed match will be familiar with the intermittent flashing lights that constantly blare out of the screen for no apparent reason. Well it was to the detriment of little Mohammed, 10, who fell into a coma from an epileptic fit after watching his favourite player score a double forward flip bicycle kick from 1000ft above the pitch. The news broke shortly afterwards, with the international press having a field day, blaming Majed for the tragic death of the little boy. To save face, and in hopes of relieving himself of some of the guilt Majed visited the hospital but it was too late; the doctors had announced the boy’s death, and it was at that moment Majed vowed never to touch a football again…

With no more football and the press hounding him down where ever he went, Captain Majed’s life spiraled out of control. All his endorsement deals were cancelled and he threw his millions down the drain on cheap hookers, while developing an addiction to crack.

Years later, with no money left and his house re-possessed, Captain Majed, straight off a stint in rehab, was offered an opportunity to make a comeback in the public eye as a Street Fighter. With no options left, he accepted. Unfortunately, his inimitable ability to make a ball curl at 90 degree angles was no match for Blanka’s electrocution move and his short lived career as a Street Fighter came to an abrupt end.

After recovering from second-degree burns, Majed realised it was time to return to the sport that he knows and loves, taking on the role as manager for the low-achieving but hard-working Mahala FC, lingering in the lower tiers of Egyptian football believing that he could pass on his legendary techniques to the countryside players…

Tune in next week to find out what happened to Bakar…

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