Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Where To Take Your Date in Cairo...

Dating in Egypt can be tough. Tougher yet is the perfect location for each of your relationship milestones. We've got you covered...

Staff Writer

Image courtesy of Cairo Time movie.

First Date

Lunch at Left Bank. Dinner means it's a date and even if it's a date, don't make it seem a date by keeping it as casual as possible in a nice day-time-centric restaurant. It's open and spacious and always busy, adding to the casual atmosphere and ensures a high possibility of running into people you know showing to your date that you have friends and showing your friends that you date. They also serve alcohol, an all important component of awkward first date chitter chatter.

Meeting The Friends

It's been a few weeks and it's time to meet the friends their always talking about. A trip to The Tap in Maadi, should set you right. There's plenty of super cool multi-player games around the gastropub from old school arcade games to foosball, perfect to break the ice. You can also order a massive portable draft tap to your table to share around with your new friends, as you act bartender and hear their stories.

I Love You

You've said those fateful three words that mean you can't really mess about any more, you have to show how much you mean to them. Where do you go? Chez Jean Claude of course! For the romance of Italy and the taste of France...
Spicing Things Up
Things are getting stagnant, boring, everything is routine and you have lost that spark you once felt for each other. It's time for a mini retreat, so how about Sakkara Country Club? Spend the day drinking and frolicking by the pool followed by an incredibly romantic Aladdin style sunset horse ride into the desert. Or, if they're the adventurous type, how about quad biking? After a long day of rekindling check in to one of they country club's renovated suites for some bom-chicka-waw-waw!
After the First Big Fight
Every relationship hits that first barrier where something blows out of proportion and you pretty much think the other is a dickhead. What better way to express your frustration than a good ol' one and one shoot out at Adrenalin Paintballing! After you let it all out, you can then kiss it all better.
Meeting The Parents
Host their parents at Al Azhar Park's Trianon restaurant with a view. It shows you're mo7tarram, family-friendly and not a friend of alcohol.