Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Which Cup Of Coffee Are You?

Giving Nespresso's new bundle - combining the Inissia machine with the Aeroccino milk frother for just LE1599 - a spin and team up with the coffee pros to help you figure out what your cup says about you...,

Staff Writer

There's no such thing as just a cup of coffee anymore. There's Hazelnut Café Latte, there’s White Chocolate Cappuccino and, of course, Espresso. To suggest they're all just coffee will come as a huge insult to every coffee lover out there. Thanks to Nespresso’s new Valentine’s Day promotion, each of these different kinds of coffee can now be made from the comfort of your home. The Nespresso Inissia comes with an Aeroccino milk frother for the bargain price of LE1599 for limited time only and will allow you to make café-style coffee every day without even having to get dressed. Which coffee type are you and which drink you can create with the very special offer fits you the best? Find out now!


Who You Are:

Espressos are essential for everyone with a busy schedule and a lack of a very precious good: time! Exhaustion catches up with Espresso drinkers, however, to get a caffeine kick, they don’t waste any time and go for a quick and easy energy boost in the form of this delicious, rich purely brewed coffee that takes no more than one gulp to release its power and taste. With a Nespresso Inissia, you will get to choose between over a dozen different strengths, intensities and aromas. Espresso comes in a lot of shapes (or rather, tastes), however, serves those best who don’t need time and quantity to indulge.

Café Latte 

Who You Are:

A Café Latte is an indulgent drink of deliciously frothed milk meeting a shot of decadent espresso. Frothing dense milk foam is as easy as 1 2 3 with an Aeroccino machine. People drinking lattes like to fill a soup bowl with coffee rather than a shot glass. These people tend to sit back in a big old fluffy chair with a book and occasionally sip on their mug filled with a subtle yet creamy gusto. Hence, latte drinkers rather identify as pleasure-seekers and consider coffee drinking an experience rather than a quick way to open eyes that are meant to be closed. Combining Aeroccino milk foam with an Inissia espresso makes the easiest yet most enjoyable latte out there.


Who You Are:

You may not be running from appointment to appointment like an espresso person but you definitely don’t like to drink your coffee for over three hours. A cappuccino is the perfect company for your office desk, your catch up with friends or your breakfast fry-up because you like coffee and like to make it part of your everyday life. Making one is as easy as consuming it, provided you have an Inissia Aeroccino bundle. A sip here and there will keep your caffeine levels steady and allow you to go about your splendid day without disruptions and troubles because ain’t nobody got time for that. All you got time for is a cappuccino on the go.


Who You Are:

You are sweet, both in your behaviour as well as your preference of coffees. Since coffee is only one of the things that you enjoy to indulge in, you also like to sprinkle some chocolate on your favourite stuff. Let’s face it, there’s little things more exciting than adding chocolate to things, especially coffee. To make this easy but taste-exploding harmony of chocolate and intense coffee happening at your very own place, all you have to do it let your Grand Cru capsule pour into a cup of hot chocolate, preferably frothed with the Aeroccino for an extra treat.

Iced Coffee

Who You Are:

Life is fast and the heat of Cairo makes you sweat. You love coffee but there is no way you are going to drink a hot cup of coffee at temperatures exceeding the thirties. You are a fresh and active character that needs to cool down once in a while. You might have already guessed it, but even cold coffees are nothing but pressing a button away from being yours every day without running to your local cafe. The Aeroccino froths milk in second, cold or warm, it doesn’t even matter. All you really do to keep this hot head of yours cool on summer days is a straw, provided you call the Inissia Aeroccino bundle your own.

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