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Who I Follow: Batool Al Daawi

Based between Cairo and Dubai, photographer and filmmaker Batool Al Daawi never fails to get us double-tapping with her stunning Instagram posts. But who does she follow with equal interest?

Photographer, filmmaker and painter Batool Al Daawi has been colouring our timelines with her beautiful shots and interesting captures, ever since she took the lovely decision to create an Instagram account. The artistic enigma takes us on a journey of hard work and passion with every post, but where does she find her online inspiration?
@thesartorialist - Blogger/photographer Scott Schuman is one of my favorite street photographers and bloggers.

On the Street..Last night, 7:30pm, High Line Park, New York City

A photo posted by Scott Schuman (@thesartorialist) on

@JR - One of my favorite visual artists, he does some of the most interesting projects of good causes all around the world.

Last day of the summer @marievinay @guillaumecagniard

A photo posted by @jr on

@shamekhbluwi - Visual artist, fashion illustrator/architect, Shamekh is one of the most talented friends I have, His work is so neat and detailed and I'm a huge fan.

John Lennon glasses and the backdrop of Amsterdam From @vice Netherland "The Creators Project " 👓

A photo posted by shamekh شامخ (@shamekhbluwi) on

@Kat_in_nyc - She started out by doing street photography and now she's shooting beautiful portraits and fashion photography in New York. 

@insightphil 💥

A photo posted by kat irlin (@kat_in_nyc) on

@schonmagazine - I love their editorials.
@natgeocreative - National Geographic Creative, a photography and video agency. I love wild life and travel photography. I also follow all of National Geographic's accounts. 
@philipplein78 - I follow Philip Plein's official and personal account, because he's a huge inspiration to me especially after meeting him and listening to his story and how he started his career. I always feel motivated when I see his work or photos. 

#lofficiel #PleinEverything #PleinPunk

A photo posted by Philipp Plein (@philippplein78) on

@blackandwhiteisworththefight - I'm obsessed with black and white photography and this account is founded by a photographer named Dustin Erhart and other contributing photographers and they post really interesting images, so you get to see their different styles.
@sheriffayed - I'm very interested in travelers and Sherif is one of the most hard working people I know; his videos are funny, his photos are interesting and since he started traveling around, his account is only getting better and better with the addition of each new photo/video he posts. 
@thephotosociety - The contributing photographers to National Geographic magazine.