Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Who I Follow: Berna Ibrahim

Socially influentially and effortlessly stylish, Berna Ibrahim has a gaggle of guys and gals from across the world keeping up to date with her killer Instagram posts. But who does she follow?

Staff Writer
All around stylish citizen Berna Ibrahim has amassed a hefty 15k worth of followers on her Instagram @brnibrahim with post after post denoting her fabulously fashionable existence. Her feed follows her as she roams Cairo and the rest of the world, her style game always on point. But when she isn't busy posing and posting, what accounts does she flick through to keep herself entertained? 
@biancasomer - One of the most truly mesmerising and inspiring travelers I've ever come across. I love following her due to my never-ending love for travel (also considering I never stay put in the same country!). I have an infinite amount of admiration towards how she manages to incorporate fashion with the ambiance of each city she steps foot in. 
@raisavanessa - A couple of highly inspirational women that add their own unique touch to everything they design.

Gown by #raisavanessa #fashion #designer #events #weddings #summer #embroidery #istanbul #turkey #hautecouture

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@bayildimmm - One of the first fashion accounts I found myself following once I joined Instagram. Their fashion is always relatable and they take the lead with all the trends. They have been a true inspiration for me in what I do. 

💛💗snapchat: bayildimmm

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@videomeals - Maintaining a healthy lifestyle starts in my kitchen. This account has helped me do exactly that. I love preparing my own healthy meals at home using things like chia seeds, raw cocoa, berries and so on. Their recipes have helped me create the most scrumptious meals while still being able to stay on track with my healthy lifestyle. 

📲💻 Categorized recipes for easy viewing Fig Salad --------------------------------------------------- 1- In a bowl mix hand full of mixed greens, 60ml (0.25 cup) chopped red onions, 60ml (0.25 cup) feta cheese, 3 chopped figs, 0.5 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, and 0.5 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar NOTES: Also good with walnuts Approx. Macros: Kcal:407 Carbs:47g Fat:16g Protein:7g --------------------------------------------------- Ensalada de higos --------------------------------------------------- 1-En un bowl mezcla un puñado de lechugas mixtas, 60 ml (0.25taza) cebolla morada picada, 60 ml (0.25taza) queso feta, 3 higos picados, 0.5 cucharada de aceite de oliva extra virgen y 0.5 cucharada de vinagre balsámico NOTAS: también es buena con nueces Macronutrientes aproximados Kcal:407 Carbs:47g Grasa:16g Proteína:7g --------------------------------------------------- ➡️WEB: ➡️YOUTUBE: ➡️FACEBOOK: ➡️GOOGLE: ➡️TWITTER: ➡️PINTEREST: #tasty #wellness #fitness #fitfam #healthy #follow #like #igdaily

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@irinashayk - All women are beautiful in their own way but she is most definitely my number one; whether it's her to-die-for physique or her beauty overall. 

Fun times playing around with my fellow Ruskie @kat_in_nyc 🗽 @thelionsny

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@myinterior - Who says mixing and matching is only applicable with what's in your closet? While mixing and matching clothes is a talent that I hold closely to my heart, this account has shown me that mixing and matching goes beyond clothes, and that is in itself, true brilliance. 

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@majawyh - My all time favourite blogger. No one pulls off a casual style with full-on glamour like she does! I relate to her greatly and aspire to be like her. 

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@artsxdesign - Artistic and mind-twisting. I cannot even put my finger on when I started following this account! 

Romina Ressia // #rominaressia

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@ihavethisthingwithfloors - This account made me have this thing with floors! Seriously. Just check out my office balcony tiles, done by the very skillful El Nile Company (@elnile_co).

Regram @saowaey #ihavethisthingwithfloors

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@nurbilenyavuzer - It started with my eyebrows and developed into a friendship. This micro-pigmentation expert gives some of the best beauty tips, offers some of the finest natural fixations and watching her climb her way to the top is truly heartwarming for me.