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Who I Follow: Malak El Ezzawy

With tens of thousands of followers, designer Malak El Ezzawy is a regular fixture on our feeds. We find out who she follows and why...

Malak El Ezzawy has solidified her spot as one of the top couture designers in Cairo, consistently turning out one charming collection after the other, capturing the hearts of many a stylish citizen along of the way. She’s also captured the hearts of many an Instagram follower; the designer is trigger happy when it comes to her account, always documenting her adventures in fashion and beyond. From her travels to her latest couture creations to what’s on her plate (hint: fresh watermelon), @malakelezzawy keeps her follower updates with her latest developments. But who does she bother to keep updated with when she’s Instascrolling? We find out…


@2sisters_angie - A mother-daughter account of mainly the daughter recreating red carpet couture dresses using arts and crafts. Amazing!

@ministylehacker - The funkiest two kids on the block. Collette Wixom dresses her two sons in the coolest outfits! So as a mother of a 1-year-old boy, this account is a great inspiration for me :)


@NohaBahr - In terms of artsy accounts here in Egypt, I would say Noha. She is a super talented visual artist. Her artistic adventures with Meligy are spot on! She's really creative too.

@Ahmad_abi – Ahmad is also on my top 10 list. Why? Well, one the ducks hahaha! Two, the colours. And three, the creativity.

@drawbertson – Internationally speaking, definitely Donald Roberston – he combines fashion, art and family in one account. I must say the videos of his two boys are the cutest thing ever.


Not going to end well my little friend

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@Cleobuttera - I dare you not to drool! Cleobuttera, please feed me.

@foodintheair - Who said food needs to photographed on a dish on a table? Another account for the tummy...

@Beautifuldestinations - To daydream.


Niyama Resort, Maldives, By: @travellersplanet #MondayBlues Tag someone to relax here with today! 💙

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@Beyonce - Yes, I'm obsessed with Beyoncé and I’m not ashamed. Beyoncé fan all the way, woohoo! 


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@egyfunnysociety - And of course there are the "just for fun" accounts, the ones we screenshot and repost or share with our WhatsApp groups. My personal favourite is an Egyptian humour account, because sometimes the jokes are just funnier in Arabic…