Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Who Will Be Egypt's #TopDogModel

Love your doggie? Think he/she is indubitably the top dog in town? Then send us your pictures by this Thursday!

Staff Writer

Last week we declared AinsleyNoelle's cat Daigoro as Egypt's Top Cat of 2014. And now, proving that we aren't biased to cats over dogs, we have decided that this week we will be searching for Egypt's Top Dog of 2014. So send us your photos and find out if your dog will have the honour of winning in one of these categories. 

Badass Dog of 2014

 Send us a photo of your dog looking like a badass. The tougher the better. 

Best Furry Friend of 2014


 Send us a photo that's shows your dog in all his loyal glory, proving that he/she is the best friend to have.

Best Rescue of 2014


Send us a photo of a dog that you have rescued from the street and provided a forever home for. If possible please send before and after pictures if you have them.

Funniest dog 2014 


Send us a photo of your dog doing something so funny that there is no question that he/she is Egypt's funniest dog.

Top Dog of 2014 

If you want to win the Top Dog of the year, then you must send us a photo of your dog in more than one of the above categories. There can be only one Top Dog, so tell us why you think it should be yours to increase your chance of winning.

To enter, post your photo on Instagram, tag @CairoScene, with the hashtag #TopDogModel. The winners will be announced on the weekend, and the winner will be awarded bragging rights for a whole year. There isn't a lot of time, so send us your photos before Thursday at noon, and find out if your dog is Egypt's newest celebrity this weekend.