Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Who Wore it Sexiest?

Digging through the CairoScene archives we found these cool snaps of Egypt flower power kids in the 60s - so we thought we'd pit them against the super sexy Egyptians of today in the ultimate battle of the ages: Who wore it sexiest?

Staff Writer

People often complain of a creeping conservatism in Egpytian society but as these saucy snaps show Egyptians still know how to party hard. But then again they always did - as our pics of your grandparents inhaling the free love in Alexandria during the 50s/60s.
Here at CairoScene - we can't help but wonder, who wore it best?

The moral of the story is simple - your Gedo and Teta got up to more naughtiness than you can even imagine. 
As it's the weekend - maybe it's time you got the upperhand.