Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Worst Egyptian Work Habits

We may work hard, but we definitely don't work smart. Which ones of these are you guilty of?

Staff Writer

There is very good chance that you are reading this, when you are supposed to be working. Whether you want to admit or not, Egyptians have terrible working habits. This results in many people having to stay late, working long hours to make up for the work that could have been done during regular hours. Sometimes even if you work your hardest you end up still having to work long hours to make up for the daily guarantee that someone will not be coming in...

Being Late

Sometimes it isn't your fault, but more often than not, it is. It seems that Egyptians like to rotate the excuses from traffic to accidents to lagnas. No matter how late we are there is always an excuse, and for some reason it never seems to be the truth like "I was drunk last night and slept in."


Procrastinating on the Internet

We wouldn't be surprised if the average Egyptian wastes over half a day taking selfies, updating status, tweeting, Instagraming, checking Gouna availability and, of course, reading CairoScene.

Smoke Breaks

Taking a break to pray is one thing, take 20 breaks a day, every 20 minutes, is a completely Egyptian thing. 


Always Out of Credit

If you are the boss, then chances are something has come up and you needed to get in touch with an employee after hours, only to hear gheir mota7. Maybe it is only a coincidence that all your employees lose credit at the end of day, or perhaps it is simply that no one wants to do extra work without extra pay.


Deciding on Lunch

Every day, half your staff will have a series of secret meetings to decide what to order for lunch. This process can take over an hour, but was is sadder is that deciding who will make the call takes even longer.

Sick Days

Is it just us, or does it always seem that employees collectively get sick on only two day of week? Thursday and Sunday. Conspiracy theory, anyone?


Typing Loudly


We always find it funny that for the first half of the day, you can barely here anyone typing, but by the end of the day, IT IS ALL YOU CAN HEAR, AS MANY BELIEVE THAT THE LOUDER YOU TYPE THE HARDER IT APPEARS YOU ARE WORKING.

Going to the Koshk

At least once a day, employees will suddenly disappear as the person working next to them explains they have gone to the koshk. Grabbing supplies isn't bad, but spending over 30 minutes everyday to pick up more smokes in order to have more breaks seems counterproductive.


Family Engagements

Egyptians always seem to have impossibly large families and, as such, require a lot of days off to make it to countless engagements. Of course, attending your brother's wedding is important. Attending your second cousin's sister-in-law's pre-engagement party isn't.


My Gamousa is Broken

When all else fails and nothing will convince you to go to work, then the number one excuse Egyptians love to use is that their car is broken. Yes, cars break, but replacing a tire doesn't take hours and neither should you getting to work. If it's that broken take a cab. 


If you are not guilty of doing any of these things then please send your resume to