Saturday July 20th, 2024
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#YaMama: The Importance of Pants

Our in-house CEO mummy, Amy Mowafi, shares her secret weapon to perfect parenting (sort of)...

Staff Writer

#YaMama: The Importance of Pants

I harbour a deep admiration for those detail-orientated, meticulous mummies who are terribly proper in their approach to parenting. They have read the books, home-cooked the organic seasonally produced meals, and are busy raising well-rounded, well-mannered, and deeply disciplined kids. 

Hard as I try, I am not one of those mums. 
Besides, I secretly suspect that as long as my kids have been fed and washed at reasonably regular intervals, the important thing is to make my life as easy as possible for all of us so that we can spend the maximum amount of time having fun. FUN - which is meticulously captured on Instagram/Snapchat -  they will remember. Hand-peeled courgettes served with a sweet potato mash sourced from a farm in Fayoum? Not so much. 
In that vein, I have long been a proponent of Pampers Pants. With Maya, I thought the fact that I was using the pants long before she was potty trained (but just as soon as she figured out her legs were for standing) was me being very clever and rebellious. Why mess about with all that laying the baby down, taping and untaping, and actually finding somewhere suitable to change the baby in the first place, when I could just pull up, pull down, rip off, run off. I was a maternal genius and I was keeping my secret all to myself. BUT THEN, I recently learned that this is what they are actually meant for. Like, how I was using them was how Pampers intended for me to use them. Nothing to do with potty training at all, but ready to rock from a size three onwards, just as soon as baby can toddle about, and with all the same absorbency and plenty more convenience than regular taped Pampers. I am deeply disappointed by this discovery. I am not a cool and edgy mummy-innovator at all, but, turns out, just very sensible...