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Just Yo.

Oftentimes we as human beings, and even more often as journalists, have an infuriating tendency to go off on lengthy spiels to meet a need to portray specific traits, whether it be a certain epigrammatic style, or intelligence, or whatever, when sometimes, all you need is a YO.

Yo is an ingenious (or ridiculous) new application that's been making huge waves in the last few days because of it's simplified chatting features. It allows you to send 'Yo' to any one of your contacts. That is it. Founded by Martin Hogeg, CEO of video and photo sharing app Mobli, had the idea for the application when he needed an easier way to notify his assistant of when he needed her, and had one of his developers create the necessary application in a day.

The result was Yo, which, minimalistic as it may seem, is much more significant than meets the eye. "People don’t get it. They think that it's just an app that says 'Yo,'" Hogeg told Mashable. "What we see is a whole new way to get notifications — life notifications — from friends, family..."

One use case, he says, is that people can add "WorldCup" on Yo and receive a "yo" every time a goal is scored in a soccer match. Another use case his team is working on is adding a Yo button that can be embedded on blogs and be used to notify readers — with a message from the blog reading "yo" — that a new story has been published. It can even be used to remind a loved one that you're thinking about them without the long-winded chit-chat. "If you think this is just an app that says 'Yo,' you are getting it wrong," he says. "It's a new way to get lightweight, non-intrusive notifications. We are here to cut through the noise. We like to call it context-based messaging."

A piece in the Financial Times revealed that the app has already received over $1 million in investment money. Right then, get ready for our new app "Eh Ya Man".

You can download the app on iOS and Android.