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Yoga for a Good Cause with NEYA's Virtual Classes

Doing fitness for a number of charitable causes, the NEYA app is hosting virtual yoga classes for those who want to make a difference while unlocking their chakras.

With yoga, you realign your mind and body, and sometimes, you might even get your priorities in order. But while you’re expanding your consciousness to connect with the universe, your ethereal form might brush against your local community and sense that perhaps - just maybe - there is more you could do. NEYA Foundation is kicking off an all-new programme with four local yogis that will allow Egyptians to simultaneously kick their chakras into gear and serve a higher purpose.

Through the NEYA app, you’ll be able to register to one of four classes, each of which will donate money towards a cause of the instructor’s choosing. Yogi Sarah Abdelmoneim will donate 100% of proceeds to Hope Animal Shelter; Sarah Sherbiny’s classes will put 80% of proceeds into reconstructing the 15th of May community after the storm that hit in early March; Jenane Benhalim will see all her proceeds go towards NEYA Foundation; finally, May Mourad’s HITT classes will help treat and care for autistic children.

“The idea of the classes is to do something that will help your own health and help humanity at the same time," social media and marketplace manager at NEYA Foundation, Maha Mostafa, tells #CairoScene. "It’s about exercising for a cause, and  during quarantine, it’s a way to donate from home while doing something to help people in need.”

The classes have already kicked off in late September, and are available for registration now on the NEYA app.

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