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You Can Now Rent Designer Gowns on Online Egyptian Fashion Marketplace La Reina

Egypt's first online designer wedding dress rental platform has just expanded into the lavish world of designer gowns, and you can get your hands on them for a night - or two!

Here we are, rummaging through our very unorganised wardrobe; throwing this to the left, throwing that to the right, and thinking to ourselves why the heck are we still holding on to this black party dress with baby pink fur around the collar from the 90s? You were so cool in the 90s, eh? Your real mission here is to actually find something remotely trendy, elegant, but sexy at the same time to wear to the 700 upcoming weddings and engagement parties you're invited to. It IS wedding season, after all. But you can cut the ridiculous costs of buying a brand new dress every single time you have an occasion because, ladies, we all know there is no such thing as wearing the same ting twice despite the hole it leaves in your pocket. La Reina Exchange is revolutionising the way we get our hands on those lavish designer evening gowns by giving us an online platform to not only rent designer gowns, but also rent out our own for a slice of the revenue. You may have heard of La Reina (Spanish for The Queen) previously because they were Egypt's first online wedding gown rental platform specialising in high-end designer dresses. After incredible success, La Reina Co-Founder Ghana El Tanawy decided to expand into the realm of evening gowns for every occasion, while also specialising in tasteful designer gowns.
There is a simple process to all of this, in case you're curious. Think of it as a form of economic recycling - yes, you can do something slightly ethical for once! Basically, La Reina will hire the dress from the designer and it will undergo a thorough inspection to make sure it is in immaculate condition and not older than two years. And BAM; we now have access to some of the world's most dashing gowns from prominent designers at affordable prices.  Some of the designers whose creations we get to have access to include local and international designers like Dior, Yves Said Laurent, Temraza, Self Portrait, Amana El Cherif, Nehal Khalifa, Sara El Razaz, Enas Kosman, Kojak, Zuhair Murad, and Iman Saab. Mhmm, you read that correctly. This is online shopping in Egypt taken to a whole new level. To spread the love of recycling designer fashion, anyone who refers a friend to La Reina will get EGP 500 off their next rental and so will the person they referred. So you and all of your friends can get together, grab yourselves some designer rentals, and then ask La Reina to take care of the hair and make up for your event - because they can do that too! We know where we're going for our next ball!

Place your orders on La Reina's website.