Thursday December 7th, 2023
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YouDesigns: Designed for You

Buying a unique present for a loved one is all too often a major challenge, but YouDesigns now has you covered, combining master workmanship with your own custom-made jewellery for something truly distinctive.

Staff Writer

In a sea of stunning accessories, one which is custom made especially for you always manages to trump the most beautiful piece. And that was exactly the thought process behind the inception of You Designs, a homegrown brand that works with clients to create customised sterling silver and gold jewellery. "We felt like there was a problem, in terms of people looking for very personal gifts, which they couldn’t find because they were restricted by certain people's designs," says Riyham Fayed, one of the trio of founders.

She and her two partners, Karim Khattab and Farah Khattab, decided that they wanted to cater to people's exact jewellery requests, launched the brand a year ago. Since then they have been doing just that. The brand's appeal is obvious; you have a piece of jewellery that's entirely customized, it's personal and it's also a quality product that will last. It's not a mass-produced plastic accessory that will last you the season, all the while turning your skin blue from rust every time you wear it.

Essentially the team works with the client to finalise the design of the piece. The person lets them know what they want, be it specific or vague, and they collaborate with them to get the final design. And you can select anything – literally.

"People send us designs from all over the place; we've had everything from Disney characters to heavy metal bands," Fayed tells us. Their weirdest request? "Nail rings…like claws, a set of them!" We're seeing an Iron Throne necklace in our future...

You Designs has a team of skilled metal smiths who physically create the pieces, but the team are diligent about overseeing the entire process. "Every single piece is different so we need to oversee it all, make sure all the details are perfected," Fayed explains.

Essentially, the beauty of it is that you get exactly what you want if you have something envisioned, something that's still uniquely yours if you don’t, and every single piece is original and made entirely for you.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @youdesigns.