Saturday June 10th, 2023
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Zamalek’s Favourite Nursery Urban Toddlers Just Opened in 6th of October

Skillfully executing the right balance between work and play, Zamalek’s most renowned preschool just launched its new branch in October city.

Staff Writer

Being a toddler in the 21st century is no easy feet; kids today can’t simply sing their alphabets, eat their veggies and go to soccer practice, and be expected to waltz through their early years. Children are now even more curious than any adult ever was, requiring different teaching methods than the ones we were raised on, with special attention towards the use of technology.So, October city residents, rejoice, Urban Toddlers Child Development Preschool has just found its way into your suburbs. After ushering in a new era of preschool education in Zamalek, they're ready to take on the little rascals at 6th of October's little rascals, and they’ve come equipped with the curricula, staff, and teaching methods needed to prepare your precious little ones for all the crazy school assessments you’ve been hearing about.Urban Toddlers heavily focus on developing 21st century skills, such as the use of technology, problem solving, logical thinking, and independence. 

“We think of every child as an individual being with a different set of skills and our teachers adapt accordingly. We gave equal attention and care to all development domains from literacy, numeracy, physical activity, to skill development, creative thinking, and emotional stability,” Head of the English Department, Heba Mahmoud, told us.
The preschool's curriculum is heavily influenced by the Montessori and Reggio Emilia learning methods, which cultivates hands-on learning and creativity. “The teachers are facilitators to guide the children; they’re not the sole source of information as we encourage the children to be flexible thinkers,” Mahmoud explained. 

The preschool offers English and French departments, depending on the parents’ intended school of choice. For the mommies who heard all about Zamalek’s Urban Toddlers, have no fear; the October branch is identical in every way, determined to deliver on the institution's ethos. Think Collegiate meets Professional Children's School meets Mark Zuckerberg. Exactly, your kid is going to need a briefcase. 

Check out Urban Toddler’s Website for more info.