Thursday June 8th, 2023
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How an Online Movement is Encouraging Egyptian Women to Put Themselves First for a Change

The 'Enti El Awel' campaign is encouraging Egypt's women to take a much-needed 'Me Moment'.

Staff Writer

The plight of the Egyptian woman is one that has been documented at length, often to no real change in sight. Let’s not get into gender politics right now, lest we drown in the intellectual deep-end, but we can all agree that the Egyptian woman lives a hectic, complex and overall difficult life.

We can’t change hundreds of years of systematic disenfranchisement (that’s fancy way of saying society being a jerk to women) but we can at least empower our mothers, sisters, wives, fiancees and friend-zoning BFFs, to put themselves first, even if through the smallest of gestures.

The Enti El Awel campaign (You First), encourages Egypt’s downtrodden dames to take the time every day to have, what they’re calling, a Me Moment.

Now, the very notion of prioritising themselves, even for a second, is sure to bring confusion and a general sense of ‘something’s wrong here’ to the women of Egypt. But what Enti El Awal focuses on are the small things – the moment when you can take a breath, relax, reenergise and be better for it.

Already spreading across social media under the hashtag #انتي_الاول, the movement has incited a whole range of different reactions – some beautifully basic, others crazily creative. But the thing that strings them altogether is the very simple idea that we all need a moment to disconnect, for the holistic good.

What’s your Me Moment?

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