Saturday May 25th, 2024
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This Egyptian Brand Can Turn Your Home into a Modern Gatsby-esque Fantasy

Baz Luhrmann would definitely approve.

Staff Writer

This Egyptian Brand Can Turn Your Home into a Modern Gatsby-esque Fantasy

Looking at furniture styles over the past couple of decades, it's clear to see that trends drastically evolve and change constantly. From 60s Mod to 80s retro, we always find ourselves looking at the past for inspiration no matter how dramatic the change in modes may be. Egyptian furniture and home accessories brand, Herfa Designs, goes even further back, drawing inspiration from the 1920s for a mix of that classic elegance with a millennial twist.

Founder, Noha Moussa, started out as an architect. After getting her degree from MIU, she did as many budding architects do upon graduation - get stuck doing interior design. After a five-year lull, Moussa realised that it wasn't enough. She needed to break out and do something different, but it wasn't going to be that easy. 

"I spent three years preparing my designs before I launched," Moussa tells CairoScene, "I got bored of doing interior design and wanted to do something unique of my own." And so she took some courses and got to work.

What makes Herfa Designs stand out is the modern yet Gatsby-esque pattern seen in all the pieces. Moussa explains that there's not that much unique style in this field in Egypt, and the one's that do are too expensive. 

"I really like patterns; I use art deco. Every piece has its own feature, but with the same pattern used across the collection."

Too often in Egypt do we see the same cookie-cutter commercial style of furniture with the most diversity we could hope for being in a really bored game session of The Sims. This inspired her to bring something special to the market. Art deco is timeless, sexy and sophisticated, and Moussa's rendition of it offers a fresh, young translation that we can appreciate today.

You can check out more of the collection on Herfa Designs' Instagram