Sunday March 26th, 2023
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#SpookySagheer - A Haute Halloween

This Halloween, Mohamed Al Sagheer salons are giving you the chance to go all out with some truly creepy makeup that will make it so that you won't even need a costume…

Staff Writer

Let us begin by emphasising the sheer amount of love we have for Halloween. As a holiday, it exceeds all other holidays. You drink and party IN COSTUME. In costume! Screw you New Year's, where are YOUR costumes? Quite frankly, in an ideal world we'd be in costume at least once a week. Name one bad thing about dressing up in a variety of crazy getups. Name one. We dare you. Also, candy.

Given our above ode to this wondrous day that comes but once a year, you can imagine our delight when beauty heaven Mohamed Al Sagheer invited us mere CairoScene commoners for a day of all-out Halloween-y pampering – we couldn’t get out of the office fast enough. To be fair though, we can't get out of the office fast enough on most days. Moving on. We headed over to their Zamalek branch to test out their new offer. Yeah, we're special like that.


Essentially, Sagheer salons are now one of the very, very few places in Egypt where you can go and get kick-ass Halloween makeup done (are there even any others?). You can head to any of their branches on/before Halloween and get the whole shebang. Which, y'know, instantly ups your slutty cat/slutty mouse/slutty nurse/slutty whatever costume. And the holiday is right around the corner, so we suggest you start booking by the way.

Anyway, we each selected a look, ranging from adorable cat (to match the slutty costume obviously) to some random ghoulish face that we couldn’t quite pinpoint the origins of (zombie doll? part panda? one quarter scarecrow?) but makes so much of its own statement the costume is basically irrelevant. Let us just say, this day was a transformative experience. Not only did we emerge from the makeup chair looking like we could scare a bunch of street children, but we also learned a valuable lesson; it's a hard knock life for models. Ok, no, it's not, they are the world's most beautiful creatures and get paid a ton of money to be just be hot and do nothing.

A few hours later, makeup, hair, and totally adorbs nails (like, in basic bitch language, we can't even) complete, we looked like we nailed Halloween. Unfortunately we had nowhere to go with our elaborate getups, except back to our cars where we freaked out more than one person in the street. However, we definitely intend on going back there for actual Halloween and we suggest you do too. Make sure if it's on the day you book in advance though, and expect to be there for at least an hour or two, depending on your choice of makeup. We'd love to see your looks, so make sure to post your selfies with #SpookySagheer!

For more spooky looks from Sagheer go to their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @alsagheersalons. 

Photography by Mahmoud Asfour.