Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Get your Chill On with Nespresso’s Newest Iced Coffee Capsules

The coffee connoisseurs are boldly braving new territory, and we couldn’t be happier for it.

Staff Writer

There’s an endlessly endearing charm when humanity takes a simple concept – like brewing coffee – only to turn into a technical, fulfilling ritual of sorts. The folks at Nespresso have been pioneers in the field of coffee technology for quite a while now, and for their newest iterations into the world of designer java – the Ispirazione Salentina and Ispirazione Shakerato - things are taking a decidedly more chilled direction.

It’s about time they realised some of us enjoy our coffee cold – what with the weather and all. Steeped in traditional Italian coffee culture, the Ispirazione Salentina ristretto capsules are a limited edition blend of dark-roasted, authentic African Arabica and Robusta Beans; designed specifically for a rich Caffè Alla Salentina. You’re going to need a couple Nespresso ice cubes, 30 ml of (preferably almond) milk, some simple syrup and 25 mls of sultry Salentina. This precise setup acts to accentuate the hidden flavours of the Salentina blend, seeing as it’s a bit too bitter to be served as a regular espresso. Simply poured over ice and delicately blended, it’s the perfect companion for a chill weekend morning, especially when paired with a chocolate biscotti and some soft synth-pop tunes.

As for the Isperazione Shakerato; it is a limited edition split-roasted blend of handpicked Arabica beans from Guatemala, Ethiopia and a few other secret locations. Now it’s not too tricky to whip up a proper Caffe Shakerato; you’re going to have to get your James Bond act on point for this one, seeing as it needs a stern shaking. Three Nespresso ice cubes, a single Nespresso sugar stick and about 40 ml of your fine Shakerato. Though not as sweet as a well-made Salentina, it features distinct, spicy cocoa notes, in addition to a clean finish that lingers (happily) in your mouth. Perfect for an active morning to keep you refreshed, especially when paired with a biscotti and some light, dreamy synth tracks. For an added pinch of zest, add a twist of orange peel to your Shakerato.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a few orders of our own to place.