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Interactive Cooking, Molecular Gastronomy and Mosalsalaat: Ramadan at The Nile Ritz-Carlton

Ramadan done right at the Ritz.

The Nile Ritz Carlton

One of our favourite things about Ramadan, other than being all around better versions of ourselves, is the downtime we get - to spend with family and friends in a festive, loving atmosphere, of course, not to nap and binge on Netflix, ahem. While there's something quite lovely, in a cheesy but genuinely heartwarming kind-of way, about doing that at home, there's also something quite unique about experiencing Ramadan out in the warm embrace of Cairo. At The Nile Ritz-Carlton, there are plenty of options during the Holy Month that capture exactly that.

Kheima-lovers (you know who you are) will be pleased to hear that the Downtown hotel's annual Ramadan tent, Wust El Balad, is back and so is that unreal view of the Egyptian Museum. Open for for suhour, Wust El Balad offers some of the best shisha around and for those of us who can't bare to be away for too long from our Ramadan series, the tent also has a big screen TV airing all of the mosalsalat

For larger gatherings, both Al Qahira and Alf Leila Wa Leila ballrooms have got you covered. With Iftar buffets and set menus for Sohour, the Ritz has prepared a selection of delicious traditional Arabic dishes. Made up of a grand foyer and the fanciest of fountains (for those of us who can't go without a bit of dramatic effect, even during Ramadan), the ballrooms hit just the right note if you’re trying to woo your colleagues or, perhaps your, fiancee’s family...?

For Iftar, Culina Restaurant has a delicious buffet that offers, wait for it, interactive cooking and molecular gastronomy stations. Learning how to cook for ourselves definitely counts towards us becoming better human beings, right?

If you’d rather spend it in true Ramadan tradition, catching up on all your favourite series while feasting on delicious Sohour mezzehs, then head to Aqua Pool Restaurant. Offering an a la carte menu for Sohour, Aqua Pool Restaurant has large screens set up and will also feature a live band.

Not feeling an outdoors Sohour? Then look no further than Lobby Lounge, which is offering a la carte Sohour options as well as a Oud player.

For those of you with a sweet tooth (because honestly what’s Ramadan without a little konafa?), head to Sweet Boutique where the culinary team has prepared all of our favourite Ramadan treats, everything from Balah el Sham to Baklava to Eid Kahk.

For more information, head to the Nile Ritz Carlton's Instagram and Facebook

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