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9 Organic Farms in Egypt That Deliver Straight to Your Doorstep

Everything from meats and eggs, to vegetables and honeys.

Organic Farm

Our version of green space in Cairo is being stuck on Me7war with a view of the farmlands adjacent to it. We wouldn't go as far as to dream we could be any closer to nature in our humongous concrete metropolis. Luckily, we need not worry, being the city kids we are, because at our fingertips are 9 organic farms that deliver fresh, organic produce right to our doorsteps, sans all the hassle of actually being in nature ourselves; those nails don't do themselves after all. 

Makar Farms 

Makar Farms have been around for quite some time - in fact, it first came into existence way back in 1880 in Sakkara. With organic vegetables of all kinds and salads, the farm delivers almost everywhere in Cairo from its location in Sakkara. They've also got a best-of-the-week goodie basket where they send you a list of the freshest produce to pick from - and they even have edible flowers. Makar Farms goes the whole nine yards in that they organise a series of awesome culinary experiences ranging from street food lunches, to 'Sicilian Winter Feasts', to good old BBQs, all of which are prepared with the freshest ingredients and hosted on the farm.

Delivery locations: Everywhere except Madinaty and Rehab. 

Delivery time: 1 day

Speciality: Endive 

Order via Facebook or call 0122 389 5208.

 Bostan Set El Hosn

Bostan Set El Hosn is family-run organic farm that focuses mainly on producing olive oil, honey, tehina 7'am and 7alawa 3assal, which is a healthier alternative to our usual halawa and we hear it’s much healthier than the normal halawa, as well as desert honey and 10 different types of home-grown cheese. They also enjoy adding an unconventional ingredient or two, to give their produce that extra kick. Ever had olive oil with mandarin? If you’re ever in Sheikh Zayed’s Galleria 40, you can drop by and check out their goodies first hand, where they set-up a stand between 9AM and 11AM. 

Minimum charge: EGP 50 – 70

Delivery locations: 6th of October, Zayed, Zamalek, Dokki and Agouza

Delivery times: 1 day

Speciality: 7alawet 3assal and olive oil with honey and orange.

Order via Facebook or call 0114 780 2050.

Sara's Organic Food 

Sara's Organic Food is another option that's been around for quite a while and they sell mainly vegetables and organic eggs. The farm was founded by Swiss-born Egyptian, Sara Nour, who's a huge advocate of healthy living. Nour moved to Egypt with her husband where she decided take advantage of unused land that belonged to his family and turned it into an organic farm. Growing everything from mangoes, to grapes, to herbs and aubergines, Sara's Organic Food is definitely worth trying.

Minimum charge: EGP 340

Location: all over Cairo (days need to be checked)

Delivery times: order needs to be placed 48 hours beforehand.

Speciality: organic eggs.

Order via their website or call 0101 894 4699

El Mazr3a

El Mazr3a started with a mango farmer deciding to deliver mangoes to his circle of friends and eventually turned into an online delivery platform that brings together produce from farmers all over Egypt. El Mazr3a isn't completely organic though, so we're cheating a little with this one. They're the happy in-between; El Mazr3a's produce includes both organic products as well as products using minimal chemicals. With a Global Assured Produce (GAP) certification, the online store brings together a collective of 50 to 60 farmers who provide the online platform's buyers with a selection of the freshest vegetables and fruits. El Mazr3a is moving into artisanal goods soon and will be including poultry, dairy and more.

Minimum charge: no minimum charge (delivery cost EGP 30)

Delivery locations: everywhere

Delivery time: deliveries are only on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. 

Speciality: local grown produce to export standards

Order via their websiteInstagram, Facebook or send a Whatsapp message to 012 7 9257753


Offering everything from vegetables and chicken, to Lavender and Marjoram, Tabi3y is possibly one of the fastest to deliver, with orders needing to be placed just one day in advance. In addition, minimum order is just EGP 100, so you can even order more regularly than you might with the others and ensure you always have fresh goods in your fridge. Tabi3y works with other health-conscious venues, the likes of Glow Healthy smoothies and Snacks to provide them with the products needed for their cooking workshops and goodies bags.

Minimum charge: EGP 100

Location: all over Cairo

Delivery time: 1 day

Speciality: spinach

Order via Facebook or send a Whatsapp message to 0102 121 0690

Wiiwii’s Farm  

Located on the Cairo-Alex road, Wiiwii’s farm not only delivers but they also have their fresh produce on display in Maadi’s Ma7ali. In addition, the farm sometimes hosts cool workshops like acro-yoga. If yoga's not your thing, stay tuned to their Facebook for more activities as they also host bean cultivating classes where you get to plant the beans yourself and see the progress. Where the delivery is concerned, the organic farm unfortunately doesn't deliver to Tagamoa. Wiiwii's farms is more than simply a farm, it's a community and they welcome volunteers to come join them in their organic planting adventures. 

Minimum charge: EGP 50 – 70

Delivery locations: 6th of October, Zayed, Zamalek, Dokki and Agouza

Delivery time: 1 day

Order via Facebook or call 0122 244 6699.


Other than delivering, what we love most about Eco Greens is that they've even gone to the trouble of coming up with healthy recipes for everything from chicken curry, to lettuce wraps, to apple lettuce salad. In addition, a lot of seeds used including for peppers and cherry tomatoes, are imported from Holland. Eco Greens use both organic an hydroponic methods to grow their produce. 

Minimum charge: EGP 200

Location: Zayed and October

Delivery time: 1 day

Speciality: Spanish Kale from the US and hydraulic lettuce

Order via Facebook or call 0115 554 1444


Okay, we're cheating a little with this one. Greenolic is actually an online platform that sells organic and fresh produce from different farms around the country, but it also has its own organic farm. The best part, though, is that work with several partners and some of these organisations reinvest the profit in educational programs and initiative to help the community. So basically, with Greenolic, you're not only eating healthy but you're also indirectly doing your part of contributing back to the community.

Minimum Charge: depends on the area.

Location: All Over Cairo

Delivery time: depends on the day

Order via their website and Facebook 

 Habiba Organic Farm (Nuweiba)


For now, Habiba only delivers to Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh with a plan to start delivering to Cairo soon. Habiba is more than just a farm, though. It's a community that welcomes volunteers, students, travelers, wanderers and anyone really, who wants to learn to the trade and its techniques. AS the first farm and community of its kind, its even recognised by WWOOF Independents - a self-proclaimed worldwide movement linking organic farmers with tourists.

Minimum charge: EGP 100

Location: all over Cairo (Days needs to be checked)

Delivery time: order needs to be placed 48 hours beforehand

Speciality: quinoa, cherry tomato, moringa and magdool dates.

Order via Facebook or call 0122 217 6624


Main Image from 'Meet The Female Farmer Revolutionising Organic Food In Egypt' photo shoot by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.