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Welcome to Maadi's Coolest Parent-Friendly Play Park & Party Organiser

Rest easy parents, because Peekabo is your one-stop-shop for playtime, quiet time and even party time.

Tired, mentally-exhausted and just plain beat. This, ladies and gentleman, is the life of a parent. But there's a glimmer of light on the horizon - well, in Maadi - and it comes in the form of Peekaboo - a place that will not only let your children run wild, but also let you enjoy your own rest and relaxation with a cup of coffee and quick bite.

At Peekaboo, kids jump and flip as much as their hearts desire on one of the biggest trampolines in Maadi and we’re sure you’d rather your kids be jumping on the bouncy castle than on your new beige couch - plus they'll get to make plenty of new friends. The little ones can also climb slides and hide in tunnels, take a 'splash' in the ball pit and even unleash their inner chef at the pizza-making station and get creative in the arts and crafts room.


While birthday parties are heaps of fun for the kiddos, the planning can be a nightmare for parents; everything from how to amuse the fun-sized guests, to what to feed them needs to be considered – but Peekaboo takes care of it all.

“We host the Birthday party from A to Z," founder and manager, Salma Kaddah, told us. "All the mom has to do is show up." Peekaboo has already been a hit with Maadi residents and the all-inclusive play-park-come-party-organisers has even been featured further ashore on internationally-popular part blogs, Kara's Party Ideas and Encontrando Ideias.


Peekaboo also hosts school and nursery events, as well as special themed events once or twice a months, including most recently Farm Day, which saw the park host a pop-up petting zoo with several farm animals. In December, their Maadi's Very Merry Christmas Party was a hit thanks to an Egyptian-style Santa, who arrived not with reindeer, but on a camel! A special Christmas photo booth, lots of seasonal props and plenty of games and activities were also featured, for what was a jolly good time all round.


But Kaddah also values community values and makes sure that Peekaboo does what it can by holding special all-day charity events for orphans and the less fortunate.

“These events bring me the most satisfaction. Nothing makes me happier than being able to make one day for 150 orphans fun and memorable,” Kaddah concluded, before gleefully mentioning the continued positive feedback from parents who she has essentially become a saviour for.

Check out Peekaboo's Instagram here and Facebook here

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