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QUIZ: How to Make the Most of Your Post-Iftar Hours in Egypt

As hard as it is to believe, there’s more to life in Ramadan besides sleeping and digestion, so why not take our neat little quiz to get inspired?

What makes for an exceptionally memorable Ramadan Ad?

You have family over and your mom made amazing Atayef bursting with raising, but your cousin Nihal is deathly allergic to them. What do you do?

Which of these scenarios brings a tear to your sweet, incandescent little eyes?

One of the Atayef appears to be of the wish granting variety, and it lands on your plate. What would you wish for?

How do you like your chicken? (Vegan equivalent applies)

Oh my, you’re getting pretty tired solving this quiz. How do you keep yourself energized for what may come?

What’s your preferred outfit to wear in these troubling times?

What’s your favourite variety of ball?

A giant talking Redbull can is rolling your way, it seems to be feeling down, how do you cheer it up?

What should be the next evolution of the scared, defenceless Egyptian Kunafa?