Monday May 29th, 2023
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This Egyptian Interior Designer Turns Your Home into Theatre with Dramatic Lighting

Choosing the right lighting is not a luxury anymore.

Staff Writer

Just like beauty isn't about what clothes you wear, interior design isn't only about what chairs you have and the colours of the rug. In both cases, an impressive product lies in its light, and how we see it. Lighting can change the setting of a room from ambient, to serious, to a good time to party.

Haysam Ahmed, an interior designer himself, created Sam Product Design, designing and selling contemporary-meets-classic lighting appliqués and lighting ornaments designed to warm up the room.After Egypt's 2016 pound flotation which resulted in Egypt's prices inflating, Ahmed's budget as an interior designer couldn't afford him to buy imported interior goods, since prices rose to EGP 30,000 a piece on average. And so Haysam began sketching his ideas and designs onto paper, focusing on lighting, with the intent of manafacturing them himself.

Sam Product Design's products contain a range of wall stones or wall lamps – known as appliqués – which have a heavy influence of Egypt's Pharaonic era. They broke into Egypt's market with the unconventional designs, being slimmer and sleeker than the standard appliqués. The designs are geometric and abstract in shape, with an influence of Egypt's history which results in unique and outstanding interior lighting.

His products are made of copper – a material common in Egypt's lighting industry. However, his contemporary projection on the designs give him a different direction that stands out in the market.

Ahmed's lights has been featured on acting star Yousra's series Ladina Aqwal Okhra (2018). He has also worked with affluent designers by the likes of Hany Saad, Mona Hussein, and Karim Mekhtigian of Alchemy Design Studio.

The price range of Sam Product Design's appliqués goes from EGP 2,000 to EGP 10,000. You can find his products at his design studio in Maadi, or check him out on Facebook and Instagram.

Photography by O Art-Studio.