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Stylhouette: Bringing Back Natural Beauty

Launching the first beauty atelier of its kind in Egypt this month, we speak to Stylhouette founder Nermine Atef about the revolutionary cellulite treatments on offer, as well as the Crystal Clear skin treatments that celebs can't get enough of. And they're ready to take appointments today...

You know how Hollywood celebrities consistently seem to emanate this radiating glow; how they seem never to age; how their skin is luminous? HOW IT GLOWS LIKE THE MOON? Maybe they’re born with it, you think. No they’re damn well not born with it; they have secret weapons and one of them is Crystal Clear; an oxygen based skincare line that’s basically like the fountain of youth, and for the first time ever, it and its crazy mystical rejuvenating properties have landed in our town as beauty atelier Stylhouette opens up in Gallerio40, featuring this treatment, among others, all designed to preserve and perfect your skin, body, and health. After their opening party last week, where all of Cairo’s movers and shakers flocked to the spot to find out their beauty secrets, Stylhouette will be opening its doors officially, operationally, this 5th of June, and comprises of three primary elements; the Crystal Clear face serums, the LGP slimming system, and a series of specialised messages.

The Crystal Clear oxygen based formula – and yes, it’s used by Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian and more – perfects your skin because, well because it’s oxygen, people. As one of the primary elements needed to sustain life, by extension, it is also needed for beautiful skin. With this treatment, the oxygen serum penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin, fills up those wrinkle lines, plumps up the space around your eyes, and just generally makes you all glowy.

The second service Stylhouette offers is one which we all, without exception, are always looking for: the cure to the dreaded cellulite. With their LPG slimming system, it smoothes out those gross crinkles we all get around our thighs and bums. We all know we’ve looked in the mirror and pulled our skin taught wondering how wonderful life would be without those dents.

In tandem with this, the beauty atelier offers fat burning massages, and workshops on how to live a more healthy, nutritious life. “It’s a lifestyle; a mind-set,” tells Nermine Atef, co-owner of the store, along with Rania Abu Shady. “All the elements come together to change your body. The LPG system goes hand in hand with fat burning massages which in turn need you to take workshops on how to eat, drink, help your skin. Skin is your biggest organ – it’s important that you take care of it.”

Stylhouette has created packages tailored to every age, whether you’re 18 or 85. Their Sweet Eighteen package is created so that you can still maintain your youthful glow in years to come; “you have to start preserving your skin from an early age – it is literally never too early to start.” This package features minimal treatments – just enough to give your skin the occasional oxygen boost and keep it healthy until your mid-twenties.

Their next package, Forever Young, keeps you, well, forever young. This one focuses more on maintenance for women in their thirties and forties, who have cared for their complexions over the years. But as you age, naturally, the things that keep your skin supple and stunning, like collagen, begin to decline in production. This package works on controlling the ageing, reviving your skin naturally. If on the other hand, you’re one of those women who has hit their thirties, and (much like us, oops) has epically failed to care for her skin (ahem, cigarettes, booze, endless pizza, one too many hours baking in the sun trying to get tanned, AHEM, you know who you are), then you’ve caused some pretty nice damage to your skin. But worry not, Stylhouette has made their Revive Your Confidence package specifically for that purpose. This programme works to reverse the damage done, fixing the blemishes, the wrinkles, and the general sallow skin situation in just one month.

Their Lift Away The Years package is targeted at older women. Maybe you’ve let yourself go, maybe you’ve never bothered to care for yourself, your body and your skin the way you should have. And now you’re seriously regretting it. “Some of these women are unrecognisable from their former selves – we diagnose the problems and create a tailor made programme for them, from hydrating the skin again to a full nutrition plan so they can get their bodies, the health, their glow – and their confidence back,” Atef tells us.

Stylhouette ensures every aspect works hand in hand with the next, from the oxygen treatments, to abdominal massages, awareness workshops and nutrition plans, to even having a homeopath on hand – but everything is based on natural remedies that are good for you.

But not all therapies have to be long term. Have a wedding and you need to glow like the most gorgeous gal in the room? Gotcha covered – Stylhouette has their short term uber-intensive Glow Tonight treatment, which will leave your skin perfect and fresh for 48 hours for whatever event you have! It’s what Kate Middleton did on her wedding day FYI.

Essentially, if you want to go the natural route, Stylhouette’s the spot to go. “It’s not about changing people; it’s about maintaining your natural beauty,” Atef says simply.

You can check out their Facebook page here.