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10 Alternative Dates To Go On In Cairo

You don't just have to go for dinner and a movie...

It seems the dating scene for some people in the city has become saturated with well, booze and food. But believe it or not our city offers things, normal things that normal well-balanced people do, that are not drinks at a bar or dinner at a restaurant. For your dating pleasures here is a list of creative things you can do while both maintaning your ability to drive yourself home and not stuffing your face


Horse-back Riding
 Go horseback riding near the pyramids, stop in the desert and drink tea... Take some photos. It's all very Instagrammable, what with the horses and the Pyramids and whatnot.

Play with animals at ESMA
ESMA is one of Cairo's best animal shelters and part of their schedule includes an open day where you can go play with all the animals. Take your date, show her/him your soft side for a few hours for a change - nothing does it better than letting your guard down and playing with all the furry cuteness.

Feluca on the Nile
Rent a boat or a felluca for some quality Nile-cruising time - it's a little pricey if it's a yacht not a felluca, but worth it. There’s always a cliché Titanic moment; when it comes embrace it.

FagnoonFagnoon is quite a drive, but it's also quite the activity center, but be smart about it go on a Friday or after rush hour, to this artistic hub and have a full on day ahead of arts, crafts and fun activities.

 Colouring Books
You might be thinking, what, colouring books? But let's all be honest it doesn't matter if you're eight or twenty eight; they're awesome admit it. Plus coloring books are the new meditation with many being sold online or at Diwan - and they're for adults. They're a nice exercise while talking away without giving it much thought. 

Escape RoomsEscape rooms are all the rage right now; they're perfectly laid out rooms where you try using those critical problem solving skills you both lack to escape. But it won’t matter as we suggest you get the room and not try to escape really, it’s cheaper than a hotel, and you can just make out for an hour. Give the guy on camera duty a good show.

Ice Skating Geneina Mall has somehow managed to keep ice skating part of their onsite entertainment throughout the years. Yes the smelly shoes and the lack of skill isn’t exactly a turn on, so take her there when you’re both quite comfortable with each other.

 DreamparkDreampark. Yep. No joke it can be super fun, just avoid weekends and national holidays, as it can be quite chaotic, but other than that go for it. Fun squeaky rides,;nothing is better than some squeaky fun with your lover pun intended.

 Cairo TowerCairo Tower, as cheesy and cliché as it may sound there’s actually some hidden unexpected charm; nothing quite like experiencing the soothing view of one the most chaotic cities. You can't go solo anyway.

Shooting Range
Go to a shooting range, like at the Shooting Club for instance, because you can do that ultimate cliché move where you creep up from behind and hold her under the premise of teaching her to stand and pull the trigger.


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