Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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10 Days of Celebrations and Shenanigans Before Ramadan

We all know it; once Ramadan kicks in, you'll develop extreme laziness from hunger, so here are are some top events to catch before starvation and nocturnal life ensue.

Staff Writer

Cairo doesn't know a boring day; from art shows and concerts to family events to endless restaurants, there's just no way the 10 days leading to the Holy Month will be a bore. Make us proud and hit up all of the events before you miss out because of Ramadan.

Friday May 27th
The Week&nd at Westown Hub

We’ve been going on extensively about the Week&nd because we really do believe that there are very few opportunities to do something interesting with family nowadays. Now we know that Fridays is family day and here’s the chance to spend noon to sunset actually bonding with your kids, parents, and siblings over music-themed activities, listening to live music and actually getting the chance to gobble food during the day rather than stuffing it at night.

Saturday May 28th
Pizza in the Garden 

Ma7ali has been hosting these baladi pizza parties for basically forever. We’ve head our eyes set on them for months at this point, and now that we know they’re having their last pizza in the garden on Saturday, we want to go more than ever. Imagine fresh and pipping hot pizza with a whole set of organic ingredients – cue drooling. 

Sunday May 29th May
Sufi Night – Divine Love At Sakina Wellness Center 

We hear of Sufis and think of Rumi – that’s sadly the extent of a lot of people's knowledge about Sufism. Cue a night of Sufi poems recited by Yusuf, a Mawlay Ensemble Chanter. Imagine a beautiful and soulful recital of poems that will make you transcend; right before Ramadan, too, this is bound to get you feeling a little spiritual. 

Monday May 30th
Bake Yourself Skinny at The Eatery

Yes, we love food; but do we love making it? Um, yeah, not so much. But here's a rad and simple idea: actually heading over to a baking workshop at the Eatery and making your own 'healthy bread.' You do realise it takes more than just swivelling some flour and water in a bowl and popping it in an oven, right? This seems to be the perfect chance to actually learn something new and tasty. Besides, why not learn to make something we're always eating?

Room's Drum Circle

Room’s drum circle was one of their highlights for ages now; imagine getting the chance to drum your woes and frustrations away. You speed it up, slow it down, stop it all together and drop it to the ground. Room has them every Monday night, and we know we’re catching the next one. 

Tuesday May 31st
El Dor El Awal at UnderGound 

You might not realise it, but we don't actually have that many concerts in Cairo. Sure, we have plenty of parties with DJs and the occasional artist playing live here and there, but actual decent performances by bands? Not as many as we'd like. Here's one of your last chances to catch a chill, artsy-fartsy performance filled with jazz and oriental tunes. 

Wednesday June 1st 
Elbet Alwan, the 2nd Anniversary 

If you don't know about Elbet Alwan then you have definitely been living under a rock. They've been hosting awesome parties and regular film screenings for years now. They're celebrating their anniversary in June and we're sure they're cooking up something special. 

Dinner and Oud at Eish W Malh 

We swear we’ve been wanting to take our boyfriends/wives/significant others here for months but with work schedule being so hectic we simply haven’t had a chance. But we’re adamant on actually going to an Italian dinner along with a live oud performance before Ramadan makes it crazy for us .

Thursday June 2nd
Tahrir Book Fair

Here’s an idea for this Ramadan: don’t sleep and don’t watch mindless television 24/7. Actually pick up a book and read the time away until you get to break your fast. If you’re missing some good reading material, head over to the Tahrir Book fair that will start on the 2nd of June but will actually last for a couple of days. With great deals like 90 percent off on academic books and three novels for the price of two, no one really should be making excuses about not finding the time or money for reading.

Friday June 3rd
Cycling at Zamalek Starts At El Sawy Culture Wheel  

When was the last you got on a bike? The last time we got on a bike was such a long time ago, we’re not even sure we still know how to ride one. So this event is for the early birds who love some good old morning exercising or those who want a nice endurance challenge.

The Slow Downtown: Farm to Fork Menu & Market At Eish W Mal7 

For those who aren’t so much into hanging out with the family on Friday, there’s this fab market that also gained a lot of popularity recently. The Slow Downtown: Farm to Fork Menu & Market has been bringing in local producers like Ma7ali, Black Lotus, Nawaya Farmers, and cooking up delish dishes every first Friday of every month.  

Saturday June 4th
St Simon Monastery (Cave Church) & Garbage City Tour 

Once we start fasting, forget about daily exercise and endless walking tours during the day. This is why we say get a pair of comfy sneakers on and go on an organised walking tour. This one promises to take you around the monastery of St. Simon, so it will be a beautiful tour of the cave church where a miracle supposedly took place. Then, the tour will extend to the famous Zabaleen area where you can learn about the many recycling projects we have in Cairo if you didn’t get a chance before.


All metal fans have been looking forward to this for the longest time now. The famous Sepultura is finally coming to Egypt and this is a brilliant chance to rock out to one of the bet bands out there. This is one of the few concerts that's going on before Ramadan so be sure to catch it.

Sunday June 5th 
Sunday with Basheer At After Eight 

Now this event doesn't scream amazing and innovative, but we think it's exactly what you need on the eve of Ramadan. Head to After Eight and listen to Basheer and his band whisk you away to Upper Egypt through their folk music.