Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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10 Must-Have Apps This Ramadan

Apps make everything easier, and that includes Ramadan.

Staff Writer

There's a lot to consider when it comes to Ramadan – what time is the mosalsal you're following? Where does one get the best iftar for an entire month? Shoot, is it fajr already?! But, like most things in life, there's an app – or 10 – for that. If you're like me, your phone is already full from WhatsApp and Instagram photos. But these apps are so useful that I'm deleting pictures just to make space. I mean, how could I resist apps that will help me make the most of this Ramadan? If you're sick of missing sohour or your favourite mosalsalat, fret not. These apps have you covered. 

Athan Ramadan

Never miss sohour or be late to iftar ever again! Not only does this app have alarms for prayers, but it works worldwide. It also will help you find your Qibla directions and lets you track your progress.

Ramadan Legacy

This app is back for the second year with a new edition for 2016. Not only does it take you through daily activities during Ramadan, but it also has interactive live streaming and journal features to make your spiritual Ramadan experience more social than ever. Plan and track goals, progress, and reflections; it also comes with a print-ready Ramadan planner, links to educational websites, a historical timeline of Ramadan, and the online Ramadan community helps you build your personal Ramadan legacy from one year to the next.

iQuran Lite

Looking for a Quran that uses minimal space and data? This app has the full Quran and translations in a dozen languages. It has colour-coded tajweed, recitations, and full audio and playback to aid in memorisation.

Muslim Pro

You want everything? Well, this app has everything you need to practice Islam. Prayer times and Qibla directions, full Quran with multiple recitations available, transliteration and translations into 18 languages, 'sibha' or 'tasbih' beads to help you give dhikr, 99 names of Allah, Hisn'ul Muslim (Fortress of the Muslim), and a list of halal restaurants nearby that works internationally... what more could you need?

Ramadan Fitness

This is the ultimate workout challenge for Ramadan. Designed by health experts and personal trainers, this app has Ramadan-specific exercises and diets to help you get into shape and/or stay fit. It has a daily workout with 12 different timed workouts. Each day the exercises change and the difficulty levels will increase as you work towards achieving all three fitness levels. You can also set reminders and get tips for your health and fitness throughout the holy month.

My Halal Kitchen

This app helps you learn how to cook along with Chef Maffei's videos, submit your own halal recipes, enter giveaways, and engage with other cooks in their online community. Best of all, this app works offline. When your recipe is loaded, you can view it any time.

Share the Meal

Sharing is caring, and this app just made sharing a meal as simple as a tap. Created by the United Nations World Food Programme to help them provide food for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, one tap on this app equals a 4.50E£ charge to your credit card or PayPal account.

El Menus

Seriously, you aren't using this app already?! It has over 3,000 restaurant menus and contact information to help you order all your favourite meals. If you can't decide what you want to eat, you can check out the list of more than 250,000 dishes, search by the type of cuisine you're craving, or shake your phone to get a suggestion of a nearby restaurant.


Already iftar? Do a quick search and find out who's makin' what you're cravin' and how long it'll take to be delivered to your doorstep.

MBC Ramadan

You know your prayer times, you've scheduled your food, now it's time to pick which mosalsalat you want to watch. Use this app to find out what's on and when it will start. Don't miss a minute by setting SMS notifications.