Thursday March 30th, 2023
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10 Off The Beaten Path Trips To Take With Supercoucou

Supercoucou are promising super cray-cray travelling experiences with their out of this world packages of self-discovery.

Staff Writer

There are only so many times we can go to Sokhna or Sahel before we can recite each bartender's life story verbatim. Even Thailand and London - all the rage, apparently - have become like homes away from home. Our tastebuds have gotten far too familiar with the routinely habitual mainstream-y spots to unwind! Bitten by the wanderlust bug, we went on an online scavenger hunt for cool new places to let our inhibitions roam. Just when we thought we'd seen it all and explored all that's Instagrammable in the world, we stumbled upon Supercoucou, whose crazy packages of uncharted territories have given Christopher Columbus a run for his money.

Guandong Province, China

There's a lot more to explore beyond strolling along China's Great Wall, especially when you're on a bike. Take a bicycle trip through China's Castle House villages and pass through sky-high bamboo forests. Just avoid bumping into any pandas. Sure, you get to enjoy the ancient architecture of their secretive mysterious mansions, but how are you going to get there? With a ferry trip to Jiangmen port, of course.

Réunion Island

We ignorantly didn't have a clue where (or what) Réunion was; our knowledge of African islands stopped at Madagascar. Mountains and valleys; jungles and volcanoes; beaches upon white sandy beaches - who knew you could find all of that in one island right here in Africa? Surrounded by the shores of the Indian Ocean, let your inner Tarzan out and run through jungle Cirque de Salazie, lounge on the beaches at the wild southern part of the island, and hike up the heart of the island's Cilaos' mountains for a view from the top.

San Gil, Colombia

Strap on your hiking shoes and go on a Colombian adventure through the vast jungle; this trip is one big adrenaline rush through the woods. You can visit one of the Santander province's most attractive caves, and perhaps bring home a diamond or two.

Termas de Papallacta, Ecuador

We had to brush up on our Spanish for this one, but termas means 'hot springs', and that basically means you're swimming through water that's naturally as warm as a hot tub. Drive up Ecuador's steamy Antisana volcano and, if that wasn't awesome enough already, enjoy a naturally warm swim as you catch a clear view of the waterfall scenery. Between the mountainous forests of the Eastern Andes' slopes you'll find the Termas de Papallacta Resort and Spa where the contrast of chilly aquatic massages and tropical heat gives you instant access to relaxation land.

Peninsula Valdes, Argentina 

Willy is going to be set free, along with sea lions, elephant seals, orcas, and many other amazing aquatic mammals. We don't think they would let you keep a penguin as pet, but you could give it a try. Experience Argentina's wildlife in their shelter from the ocean where they happily breed, hunt, and relax, resembling our own daily lives. 

The Mystical Easter Island, Chile

If you've seen Night at the Museum then your response to this location was probably "dumb dumb want gum gum." Just us? Okay. We should probably be the ones to pay a visit to Easter Island and get educated. Anyway, you can visit the island's mystical Akahanga Temple and the safely extinct volcano, Rano Raraku, for an incredible tour through the ancient scenery with waves crashing in the background. The statues might look like your average troll face, but the Ahu Tongariki are the largest in Polynesia, with 15 restored statues. Plus, you can pick up a dose of positive energy from the large round Energy Rock known for its special magnetism.

Hidden Landscapes of Dracula's Land, Romania

The natural wonders of Romania are nothing like the bloodsucking Count famously associated with the land. Quite the opposite, actually. The traditions and speculations about Romania have been alive since medieval times, but they're just stories - the reality is breathtaking natural scenery. This adventure tour will be giving you a break from the city so you can strengthen your bond with Mother Nature with a trip though the mountains, across the landscapes of Bolboci Lake, and a visit to a castle, that wasn't previously owned by Dracula (sadly), but by the Romanian royal couple.

Bolivia to Peru

Wander through the streets of Bolivia starting from La Paz, the city of peace, and moving to the biggest lake in South America, Titicaca, which isn't only famous for sounding hilarious, but for its floating islands where people actually live. Another highlight is Machu Picchu, which was recently discovered as the remains of an Incan citadel on the peak of the forest's mountain.

Gorilla Safari, Uganda

Get in touch with you ape-y roots and feel free to beat your chest as much as you like, U-gand-it? The endangered mountain gorillas of the Bwindi Forest will be cheering you on as you cross the Uganda Equator, snap an Instapic that makes you seem all nature loving and adventurous, and continue on to Mabarara, the capital of the Ankole region. Well known for its longhorn cows, the beautiful green mountainside is often called the Switzerland of Africa.

Taro, Indonesia

Go on your own green tropical star trek through Taro, the 4000-year-old Indonesian Hindu village, where you could meet the rare Sacred White Cows - but make sure you greet them with extra care and gentleness, for they represent their holy spirits. Inspired by the natural lifestyle, your lunch will be served in an open-air restaurant made of coconut and teak wood, overlooking the Lake of the Elephant.

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