Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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10 Only-in-Egypt Problems Santa Will Face This Year

We love Santa, but fear he may skip Oum El Donia this year due to the variety of only-in-Egypt problems. This list is Not Suitable For Kids Expecting Santa.

Staff Writer

When it comes to deliveries, no one comes close to matching Santa's operation. However, this year, it seems that the variety of problems facing the nation will most likely affect Santa's delivery run. To shed light on the issues he will be facing, we decided to compile 10 only in Egypt problems that Santa will be facing this year. Be advised this list is Not Suitable For Kids Expecting Santa

Sadly there are few, if any, chimneys in Egypt and trying to land on the balacona is simply impossible. 
Santa only asks that you be nice and leave him some cookies, but with the sugar shortage, we expect Santa's sweet tooth will go unsatisfied.
Neither Santa nor his elves were prepared for the CAPMAS report announcing that a million Egyptians were born in the last 6 months.
Companies relying on imports are not the only ones who are in for a shock by the increased import tariffs.
Rough Translation: Where's my present/bribe? I am sorry sir, but I can't, you're on the naughty list.
People light Christmas trees so that Santa knows where to leave your present. But with the electricity price hike, no present seems worth it.
Unfortunately, Rudolf was mistaken for one of the 10,000 donkeys that Egypt's sending to China. 
Egypt has increased its airport security and is taking no chances with risky entries. We expect Santa's beard will likely have him deported to Turkey.
High on Egypt's wishlist is tourists, however, no matter how hard Santa tries, he won't be able to bring enough foreigners to help boost Egypt's struggling tourism sector.
Topping every Egyptians wishlist is American dollars, but Santa insists he's not a central bank and that his elves aren't capable of printing dollars.

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Concepts by Eihab Boraie Illustrations by Nourhan Emad.