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10 Photos That Capture What Happens When It Rains in Egypt

When it REALLY rains in Egypt, the result is some crazy flooding across the country...

Sometimes Venice has got nothing on us. One upon a time, our fair nation experienced a little rainfall, which led to hysteria and, as per usual, flooding. The Egyptian so-called ingenuity, or lack thereof, makes for entertaining imagery when something as catastrophic as rain happens. We've compiled some of the best pictures online of the flood and how unprepared we are for such a common natural occurrence.

Photo credit El Comment El Fashee5







 All photo credits after first image and main image photo credits Nogoomi
Honorable mention: this genius guy who worked as a human ferry to get people across the flooded streets for 1 pound a head.


..أول مواطن يعمل “معدية” بالأجر فى الإسكندرية ا

#اليوم_السابع | بالفيديو.. الرزق يحب الخفية..أول مواطن يعمل “معدية” بالأجر فى #الإسكندرية ..

Posted by ‎Video Youm7- فيديو اليوم السابع‎ on Sunday, October 25, 2015